Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanvi saying we will to go office and complain. Naira says I don’t want to complain. Tanvi says if anyone does wrong with us, we have to make him realize, I told you I copied your answers, you had to pass. She takes Naira. She says I have to complain against professor Kartik Goenka, he passed the entire class except Naira. The man says we can’t help, he is our trustee too, sorry. Kartik comes here. He asks Tanvi to wait outside. He shows the test paper and says coffee spilled on this paper, someone bumped in the canteen accidentally, if I can’t read the answers, how will I give marks, I have to take retest. He gives the questions for retest. Naira and Kartik see their hands, and find their rings missing. Zindagi nahi rahon me hai…..plays…. They think

of their engagement. Manish asks kids to let him watch news. Suwarna comes and asks if anything happened in Mumbai, Kartik is over there. Manish says its some far area, its a rally of political party. She says I can’t stop worrying for my son, I keep something is going to happen which isn’t right. Manish sees the kids.

Naitik says you missed the admission. Sudhir says I m feeling so stressed, Naira’s one year will be ruined. He asks Chitti for more snacks. Chitti says sorry, I m tired now. Naira comes. Sudhir asks what happened. Naitik asks are you fine, did you cancel the admission, did you get the certificates back. She says no, I haven’t cancel the admission, I thought I will continue in the same college. Sudhir says good choice, the college is good. He thinks if she stays happy, she will take him positive. She asks did I do anything wrong. Naitik says no, its right decision. Chitti says I will make snacks now. Naitik sees Akshara’s pic and says something from Naira’s past is bothering her. Naira and Kartik get sad.

She sees the ring and says why did you remove the ring, I was angry. Kartik says maybe she has thrown the ring, I was hurt and removed the ring. FB shows Naira wishing to meet Kartik. She says this injury is nothing, I should go. FB ends. Naitik sees her and thinks I wish I could do something for you, but I m afraid that it can backfire like it happened that day. FB shows Naitik meeting Suwarna and asking her to think about Kartik and Naira, they have to save their relationship, its wrong to sink in sorrow. She asks do you know what’s called pain, its really painful, Naira has given much pain to me and my family, I trusted her a lot, now I hate her the most, she snatched the family’s happiness. He says she didn’t do anything. She says why did she become the reason for my son’s death. He says she isn’t the reason. She says you can’t lessen my pain.

He says mum’s pain and worry is equal for all children, why can’t you think for Kartik and Naira, its about Naira’s life. She says she has hidden a big truth, she pushed my son towards death. He says you have also hidden the truth from Manish, you have killed your son when he was alive, if Naira is guilty, then you are also guilty. She cries. He says sorry, I spoke too much, I apologize to you. Naira comes there. Suwarna asks him to leave. She asks security to take them. Naira shouts stop it. She asks why are you getting anger on my dad. Suwarna asks her to pack her bags and leave. She stops Naira at the gate. She says that’s your boundary, don’t step ahead. Naira says you aren’t doing right.

Suwarna says I will do what I want, you did what you wanted, don’t talk now. Naira says my dad will never say anything. Suwarna asks do you mean I m lying, I lost my son just because of you. FB ends. Naitik sees Naira and goes. Naira says you did wrong with me, you didn’t even listen to me. Kartik recalls…. He comes home with Shubham’s pic and sees Naira arguing with Suwarna. Naira says you can’t force me to leave, its my right. Suwarna gets dizzy. Kartik runs to hold her. Suwarna says what is she saying, she will force me, Naitik is saying I have killed my son, have I ever done wrong with you, how can they say such a thing, say something, I will believe whatever you say. She cries. Kartik takes her and shuts the door. FB ends. Naira doesn’t wear the ring and cries.

Devyaani says you did a great job, you have delivered the order. Kirti says I had kurtis in advance, I had to arrange scarves. Devyaani says no one should get a chance to say anything. Kirti gets a message and thinks of Bhabhimaa’s words. Devyaani asks what happened. Kirti says they needed more scarves and less kurtis, I don’t even have many scarves. Devyaani says maybe Bhabhimaa heard wrong, rectify this mistake. Naitik asks is everything fine in college, is any professor or student troubling you. She says its nothing as such, I m tired. He says life is never easy, we need to be tough.

Kartik eats food and talks to Suwarna on video chat. She asks till when will you stay in hotel. He says I will be back. She recalls Manish’s words. She says I will finish my work and come there. He says don’t worry, I m fine. She thinks did Naira call him. He says I m all right, I have to sleep. He ends the chat. He thinks what shall I tell mum why I m bothered.

Kartik runs and boards the train. He gets into ladies’ compartment. They ask him whom is he following. He says no one. He sees Naira there.

Update Credit to: Amena


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