Ishq Subhan Allah 7th June 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Zara shows Ruksaar’s dress to everyone and says Ruksaar was wearing this dress before wearing that nightie, Kabir says yes. Zara glares at Ruksaar and says what do you even think? you changed this dress in my room and put it in my cupboard only? Zeenat acts angry and is about to slap Ruksaar but Zara says there is something else to prove too. Kabir doesnt remember anything what happened in that hour but why? She calls servant. He brings the jug from which Kabir drank water. Zara recalls how when she was in room and worried for Kabir, she was about to drink water but then recalled how Kabir said he drank water and then he fainted. Servant brings that jug. Zara says this has same water which Kabir drank, now Ruksaar will drink it and maybe she will not remember anything. Ayesha

asks Ruksaar to drink water, Ruksaar is worried but drinks that water. All look on but nothing happens to Ruksaar. Zeenat says this is same jug, same water which Kabir drank but see nothing happend to Ruksaar, there was nothing in water, can you all see that Ruksaar was not lying? she says to Zara that I understand wives should trust their husbands but you cant prove everything on that trust. Beside her Ruksaar gets dizzy and faints. All are stunned. Kabir is relieved and thinks thank God I didnt do anything wrong. Zara checks Ruksaar’s pulse and says she will remain unconscious for one hour like she did with my Kabir. Kabir thanks God. Zara comes and stands with Kabir, she says Zeenat bhabhi, wife’s trust is like a faith and those who have faith, God help them. Kabir looks at her elated. Shahbaz says Ruksaar will take time to become conscious then she will tell us everything, Miraj is tensed. Shahbaz asks Zeenat to take Ruksaar to her room. Ayesha rushes to Zara and kisses her forehead, Shahbaz blesses her and hugs Kabir.

Kabir offers namaz with Zara. She lovingly looks at her and thanks her for everything. He says I dont understand why Ruksaar did all that. Zara says this was not full truth, I will tell you everything.

Miraj is in his room, he says Kabir is everything for Ruksaar, if Kabir gets snatched from Ruksaar then she can do anything, she can tell my truth to everyone too, before Kabir and Zara’s death, my truth cant come out, I cant let Ruksaar do it, my mission is way bigger than Ruksaar and for it to complete Ruksaar has to die before she becomes conscious.

Ruksaar is lying in bed. Zeenat sits beside her and cries. She recalls Ruksaar’s childhood, how they used to play. How Ruksaar didnt want to go to school but Zeenat made her go with gifts, in childhood Ruksaar asked Zeenat to get married to Kabir. Zeenat cries and says Ruksaar you destroyed yourself for Kabir. She sobs beside unconscious Ruksaar. Alina comes there and says Ayesha is calling you.

Ayesha has brought gifts. Zeenat comes there. Ayesha says whatever happened is infront of you, I want Ruksaar to get married soon thats why I have brought gifts for Hamdan and his family, we will go to give them. Shahbaz says there is still hope for things to become right, go there and give gifts. Zeenat says gifts should be exchanged when hearts are happy, you people think that Hamdan will marry Ruksaar after what happened? Shahbaz says who will tell Hamdan? Zeenat says I will tell him, you can punish Ruksaar but I cant play with their future by hiding such big thing from her would be husband. She is about to call Hamdan but Shahbaz takes phone from her and says I havent given you right to take decision of this house, everyone’s say is important before decisions, call Kabir and Zara.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara in car. Zara is giving instructions to Kabir. Kabir says where are we going? Zara says just wait. Zara brings him to her house and says I want to show you something.

Zara brings Kabir to her room ad brings laptop. Kabir says this is not your laptop. Zara says this is Ruksaar’s laptop which was used against me. Zara shows him Ruksaar’s profile. She says see Siraj’s chat with Ruksaar, their last message was yesterday.

Miraj says to himself that I dont have to use gun, she is unconscious, she can die from water by overdosing it and Zara will be blamed for it.

Zara says to Kabir that Ruksaar made Siraj go behind me and she even came to Kashmir, she pushed me from that cliff. Kabir is stunned and says how can you say that? Zara says I have proof of everything, Imran got to know from Airlines that Ruksaar went to Kashmir. She shows him pictures of cliff and ruksaar can be seen in background. Kabir is shocked and looks at Zara. He takes laptop from her and hugs her tightly, he is worried and sits on his knees, he is sad. Zara says Kabir? He says forgive me. Zara says no. Kabir pulls her and hugs her tightly. Zara smiles. Kabir cups her face and says she tried to kill? no. Kabir says to Zara that I told you I wont let injustice happen with you, with me nor with Ruksaar. Kabir leaves from there.

Kabir is driving fast, Zara asks him to calm down. Kabir says she tried to kill you, what if something happened to you?

Miraj comes to Ruksaar’s room, she is still unconscious. Miraj straddles her and says its time for you to leave this world.
Zara and Kabir is coming to Ruksaar’s room. Zeenat rushes to her room and opens it, she is stunned. Miraj is strangling Ruksaar. Zeenat tries to stop him but Miraj tries to kill her too. Kabir enters room and shouts where is she? they are stunned to see him. He asks Miraj what he is doing there?

PRECAP- Kabir drags Ruksaar from her room. He brings her to lounge and throws her on couch. All are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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