Ishqbaaz: Om Surprises Gouri; OBros in BIG Trouble

In the coming episode of Ishqbaaz it would be seen that Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra solve Rakesh murder mystery and get Rishab punished.

Later, Omkara plans to give a special surprise to Gauri. Omkara wants Gauri to forget her bitter past and begin a new love life with him. He wants his Chulbul back.

Omkara takes help from Shivaay and Rudra and prepares cake for Gauri, Gauri gets surprised and turns Chulbul for Omkara’s happiness. Gauri aka Chulbul cuts cake where the family celebrates happy times, but things get complicated when some people attack Oberoi Mansion with stones.

Shivaay, Omkara, Rudra decide to confront the people but Khanna stops them and reveals that he got married to a girl and eloped, the people are girl’s family members.

Further the Oberoi brother get into more trouble when Khanna goes missing.

What will happen next? How will Oberoi brothers handle this situation.


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