Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 8th June 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Mahek hits Shaurya. Mahek wins the first round. Yuvraj is angry. Yuvraj says you have to win. Yuvraj reflects flash light in Mahek’s eyes. She can’t see and falls down. Shaurya wins the second round.

Shaurya sees Mahek’s flashbacks in the house. His heart aches. Yuvraj comes and says what happened? He says i am fine. Yuvraj says how is the house? He says its really good. Yuvraj says its on your name. Let me get done with paper work. Shaurya says why do I see so many flashbacks in this house. Why did I agree to shift here. What does all this mean? Does Mahek see all this too? I see her face. Where does she live? Let me talk to mata ji.
Shaurya recalls where he hit Mahek’s mom. He says it was chandni chowk. He goes there. Yuvraj sees him going.
Mahek and Swati come to market. Shaurya looks around for Mahek. He asks people if they know Mahek. A man tells him where she lives.
Swati buys a dupata for mahek. She says I don’t like this. Shaurya sees her. He sees board of Meera sharma road. He sees more flashbacks. Mahek sees Shaurya.

Precap-Yuvrja says what are you doing here. He says to SSarti I will give you 2.5 crore just remove Mahek’s name from boxing list and leave Dehli.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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