Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik saying well done, what you wanted has happened, why didn’t you humiliate me, you should have told them that unfortunately you had got married to me. Naira cries. He stops her and asks what’s your problem, can’t you answer when someone is questioning, you can’t run away like always. She says I have no answer. He asks really, you have solution for everything, tell me the truth. She says this is a college, if anyone sees, it will be an issue. He says so that, you can gain more sympathy and tell them that its me. She pushes him and says I will tell anyone what I want, I will get quiet when I want, you can’t make me feel guilty. He says you always do what you want. She says I just do what my heart says, don’t tell me what its my opinion, you are taking

revenge on me, you hate me a lot, go ahead, do whatever you want, you can make me out of the class and home. He looks at her. Saiyyan……plays…….. Kartik is called to the auditorium. Naitik says I m going to college, I want to see if I did right by asking Naira to go to college, Kartik is also there. He calls a taxi. Tanvi says we kept all the posters there. Naira says thanks, you don’t have to be formal, everything doesn’t change if someone is married. Tanvi says you are awesome, we all are your fans.

Dean says our winners will be awarded by our new trustee, someone who will be guiding us in the important decisions, welcome Mrs. S Goenka. Dadi comes there. Kartik and Naira get shocked. Dean thanks Dadi for coming. He says its time to announce the winners, Mr. Fresher is Aditya Bhansali and Ms. Fresher is Naira Singhania. Dadi sees Naira. Dean says this girl is actually married, she has come to complete her education, she is a real gem, I haven’t seen someone like her before. He asks Naira to come on stage. Naira goes to touch Dadi’s feet. Dadi stops her and says this is college, don’t do this, you are a student and I m a trustee. Dean calls Kartik on stage. Kartik and Dadi crown Naira. Naitik comes there and looks on. Dean asks Kartik will you please do the honours. Kartik makes Naira wear the sash. Aahatein….plays…..

Lav and Kush stop Manish and show him the video news. Manish reads…. meet the new trustee Mrs. Goenka of Imperial college. He says mum didn’t tell me anything Suwarna asks Manish is he going anywhere. He asks where did you do. She says I had gone to complete some paper work about village adoption, leave it, are you going somewhere. He says yes, now its cancelled. Naira goes and cries. She sees Naitik. Kartik comes to Dadi. They hug. Naitik says studies are imp, not on the price of happiness, I know Kartik is in this college, why did you keep it to yourself, what’s the point of getting me along. Dadi asks why did you take the house in her building, I know its tough to tolerate it. Kartik says I didn’t do anything intentionally. She says I have seen you two arguing outside the hall. Naitik says you don’t need to bear this, we can go somewhere else.

Naira says so that the blames on her get true, I m not weak, don’t worry, I will handle, I have decided, we will stay here, fate won’t change if we change city. Kartik says I have decided to face whatever happens now, I won’t let her life get affected by someone else. Manish calls Dadi. He says you didn’t inform you are going Mumbai. Dadi says I thought to surprise Kartik and I got a huge shock here, Naira is in same college, Suwarna has bought a flat for Kartik, Naira stays in the same building, what’s this game, destiny is playing with them, how will he handle himself. Manish says you are there to handle him, I was scared for him, now I m relieved, I know they love each other, this hatred and anger will end if they keep meeting, they will mend themself, will you try for the sake of my kids. Dadi recalls Naira’s words. He says I know they both still love each other. She says I will talk later, I m totally confused. She goes. Kartik and Naira look out of the window. Yahan wahan…..plays……

Tanvi cries and hugs Naira. Naira asks what happened, is all well. Tanvi says someone has sent this to me. Kartik and Naira get shocked seeing……

Update Credit to: Amena


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