Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira getting sad. Yahan wahan… plays…. FB shows…. Naira asks Kartik is Suwarna unwell, shall I go and see her. He says you can’t go inside, there is nothing left to say. He says you don’t listen to anything, I lost my brother because of you. She asks how could you say this, you have hurt me a lot. He asks do you know how much you have hurt me, mum lost her son just because of you. She says Shubham didn’t want anyone to know, he was afraid that everyone will get away, I don’t know why he chose to trust me.

He says he trusted you, but you couldn’t tell me, you always do this, you start trusting me when things go out of hand, how shall I handle this, how to get Shubham back, how to explain Suwarna, Shubham went today,

if anyone else leaves us. She shouts enough. He says enough, you stop it, there is no trust left between us. She asks is there no trust left between us, answer me. He says no. She cries. She says fine, then I should go away, from here and from your life. He asks her to leave as she left earlier, it makes no difference to him. She says I hate you. He says I hate you too. She cries. He goes away. Maine socha na tha…..plays….. They cry. FB ends.

Kirti asks can I come in. Bau ji says yes, come in, what is this. She asks will you help Naksh, he should tell you, its the old accounts. He says get it. Naksh comes and takes the file. Bau ji says Kirti gave me this file. Naksh says she gave the wrong file, I will get the correct file, then you can work, take your time. He goes. Bau ji says its good he didn’t get annoyed. Naksh says thank God Dada ji didn’t see this file. Naira cries and arranges clothes, recalling Kartik and Dadi’s words. Kartik plays and vents out anger. Tanvi messages Naira. Naira reads… come out fast, its really urgent. Naira goes and hugs her, asking what happened. Tanvi keeps crying. Naira asks her once again. Tanvi says check this, someone has sent this to me. Kartik reads… about Ms. Fresher. He checks the video. He sees Tanvi’s video, where he is seen changing/undressing. He gets shocked. Naira too gets shocked and cries.

She hugs Tanvi. Tanvi says my family name will be ruined, what shall I do, everything will be finished. Naira recalls Shubham’s words and says its wrong to think about ending life, life is precious, don’t think again. Suwarna asks Manish to do work in the morning. He says I m waiting for client’s reply. She asks did you talk to mum. He says no. She says even I didn’t call her, I will talk to her in morning, you sleep in time. She goes. He gets a message and reads… your son-in-law Naksh is facing a financial problem. He replies asking who told you. Kartik goes to Dadi and says I need to talk to you. Naira says dad has slept, you sit here, do you any tea or coffee. Naitik comes and looks on. Dadi asks how can make someone’s video. Kartik says don’t know, that too in our college, I will not spare him. Dadi says I just became the trustee. Kartik says its about the girl’s honor, I will call the dean. He calls the Dean. Naitik says matter doesn’t end here, we have to inform the college authority. Tanvi asks what shall I do, please help me.

Kirti looks for account files. Naksh gets worried and asks her what happened. She says we have to keep Dada ji busy. He says things have changed, there is a huge difference in accounting these days. She says the way is still the same. He says I don’t want to put load on him. He hugs her and says sorry, leave my files, you can give your files. He goes. Naitik says we should inform trustees, Goenkas will take this seriously. He signs Naira and says you stopped involving in anyone’s life after Shubham’s incident, this is wrong, don’t let the guilt break your courage, nobody understands you better than me, you have slapped Tarun, you faced Raghav and Kabeer, you are dependable for Tanvi, the rest is upto you. Naira and Tanvi come to college. Tanvi says peon is looking at me, he would have seen that MMS. Naira asks her to calm down. A guy comes running and tells her about the viral video. Tanvi gets tensed. He says your and Kunal’s dance video got many hits, you guys are awesome. Naira says don’t link everything to that incident. Tanvi asks can we take Kartik’s help, he is genuine and sweet, he can help us in this matter.

Tanvi asks what, am I at fault because I wear sleeveless clothes. She cries. Dadi asks what happened to her, I think Naira provoked her. Naira thinks how did you change so much Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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