Bepannah 20th June 2018 Episode Written Update

Harsh and Aditya were restlessly waiting for Siddiqui family. Aditya was worried what if Zoya denies coming to the party but they arrive at the party then. People in the party gossip if Zoya and her family was also invited in the party? Anjana goes to welcome the guests warm-heartedly. She offers to forget about everything that happened. Arjun and Noor look towards each other. Arjun tries to speak to Noor but she walks away annoyed. Harsh tells Aditya to indulge Zoya for a while, so that he can speak to Mr. Siddiqui.
Arjun brings a drink to Noor who looked upset and rejects it. There, Zoya comes to look for Noor while Aditya stops her way. A lady sitting nearby was saying that Hooda’s didn’t cancel the Eid party after a lot was happening. Aditya agrees to the lady and recalls someone told him

that Ramzan teaches them patience and faith in good; similarly Eid teaches us to leave our pasts behind and move on in life. Zoya was about to walk away but Aditya tells Zoya that for their friendship it was necessary for their families to be together. This would happen today.
Arjun tries to explain to Noor that he never knew she was Zoya’s sister. Noor seemed annoyed, not ready to listen to him and turns the volume of music louder. Rajvir (as the suspicious sound system mechanic) watched this.
Aditya comes to stage to host the party. He announces that they are here to celebrate the Eid together this year with Siddique’s. As the guests clap, he calls Zoya Siddiqui on stage. Zoya shakes hand with Aditya and was about to hurry back downstairs. Aditya murmurs that atleast in front of public they must behave as if they are innocent. Zoya replies she doesn’t care; what matters for her is Hooda’s accusing Yash for suicidal attempt and murder.
Zoya’s mother watch Waqar Siddiqui going upstairs with Harsh Hooda. She tries to take Zoya’s attention. Aditya notices Harsh had closed the door and begins the dance with Zoya. The DJ plays ‘Rock n Roll Soniye’. Zoya joins Aditya for a few steps but soon irritated she goes down the stage while some more girls had joined Aditya.
Rajvir leaves the hall as the amplifier had reached enough trigger now.
Downstairs, Zoya’s mother tries to take her attention towards Waqar and Harsh being upstairs. Aditya hears her tell Zoya about it and follows her upstairs.
In the room upstairs, Harsh convince Waqar that their children have already suffered a lot because of this case. What would Zoya gain by proving Yash as innocent? He offers Waqar five crores to pay for the losses their business has suffered. Waqar doesn’t hold the cheque but Zoya instead snatches it and tears the cheque into pieces. She questions if this is why they invited them for Eid celebrations here, if they wanted to convince her father not to reopen the case. She is determined and has promised Yash’s mother, she will definitely reopen the case now. Zoya takes Mr. Siddiqui’s hand and the family leave the party.
Downstairs, Arjun understands that this was the motive behind Eid celebrations, because their dad was like this forever.
Harsh doesn’t let Aditya follow Zoya and create a drama right away. There are guests here and they must behave normally.
Outside in the gardens when Siddiqui family was about to leave. Arjun comes outside. He apologizes them for what happened in the court and here, he was unaware about Yash’s insult in the case. He assures Zoya about having a proof that may help them in court and goes to bring it. Waqar wasn’t ready to trust any Hooda again, but Zoya insists that Arjun is different from his father and brother. She sends the family home and decides to stay and see what Arjun got. After a while, she stood alone in the gardens when Rajvir comes from the front speaking on phone, he takes advantage of Zoya’s loneliness, stuffs her mouth and pulls her behind the bushes. Arjun comes to the garden with the diary but couldn’t see Rajvir taking Zoya away.
Outside, Siddiqui family was waiting for Zoya to join them at Taxi stand. Noor goes to look for her. Aditya was coming outside the door and asks about Zoya, Arjun was annoyed with him and says she was there in the garden a while ago. Noor comes to question Aditya about Zoya that what game has Hooda planned for her sister now.
Zoya bites Rajvir’s hand and succeed to walk towards the gardens. She calls out Aditya to take his attention when a car pulls by and takes Zoya inside. Aditya and Noor were left helpless.

PRECAP: Rajvir tells Aditya about the bomb and challenges him to save his family or Zoya.

Update Credit to: Sona


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