Ishq Subhan Allah 20th June 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Kabir comes home with Nilofar, he looks around for family but gets Ayesha’s message that they have gone to Zara’s house for iftar. Nilofar says lets go there, we will enjoy there. Kabir recalls how Zara said that they will stay away from each other, he says no media have eyes on us so its not good to go there. Nilofar says you care for Zara so much, you people love each other. Kabir looks on. Nilofar goes to prepare for iftar.

At Zara’s house, Ayesha says I didnt leave anything for Kabir for iftar, I should go home. Zara says Kabir is not a kid, he can prepare his food.

Kabir and Nilofar sits to have iftar but Shubratan comes there with food and says Zara sent it for you. Kabir says she sent all this? I mean it was not needed, Nilofar made a lot of food.

Nilofar says eat that food, it has Zara’s aroma. Kabir says I like samosas, he eats iftar prepared by Zara.

All start iftar at Zara’s house but she is worried. Ayesha asks her to break her fast. Zara is tensed but gets Kabir’s message of thank you, she smiles and breaks her fast.

Scene 2
Zara says to herself that people are reaching moon and says we are fighting to get a right to pray, wish Kabir would be with me for women rights, one day he will agree with me. Zara starts reading her notes but gets some idea and leaves.

Zara comes to Irfan and asks if she can talk to him? he nods. Zara asks if I did something wrong? Irfan says no, you were right on your place otherwise I would have stopped you. Zara says you are the most sort after priest in this city, what is the answer of Kabir’s question? you have always been with me, will you help me in this test too? Irfan says no I am examiner of this case so I cant help you otherwise me and you will be called cheater, you have to fight this war alone. Zara hugs him and says you have given me power, I will do everything to win this fight.

Zara is studying for case. Reema comes there and scares her. She says I was missing you so I came here. Salma brings hot coffee. Zara says Reema you like cold coffee. Reema says I like both, it must be my choice to drink hot or cold coffee. Zara thinks about it and says its your choice to drink what you want? Reema nods. Zara hugs him and says you have given me idea that the one who is praying should have right to choose where to pray.

Sharia board members come to talk to Kabir. One member says you can save this nation, you didnt bow to your wife but seems like Irfan is going soft on his daughter, you are our only hope, you can win this case for us. Kabir looks on.

Kabir comes to sharia board and says she is again late. Zara comes there and says you are late. Kabir says I am always on time, did you get your answer? Zara says I will answer when all come here. Kabir sees a book in her hand and says what are you reading? who read till the end doesnt have good preparation.

Board meeting starts, Kabir says to Zara that I asked you a questions yesterday, do you have an answer. Zara shows him a hadith and asks him to read it, he reads that Prophet said that prayers offered indoors are better than outdoors and better is to pray outdoors instead of in mosque. Irfan reads a hadith that women are allowed to pray in mosques. Zara says I want to ask God forbid if theses hadiths are clashing with each other? priest says stop it, dont say like that about it, one hadith says that women can pray in mosques and other hadith says that women have choice to pray indoors too. Zara says thats what I was saying, God gave us a choice to pray in house or in mosques but you people have made it a restriction, we had the right to choose where we want to pray but you people made it a point to not let enter mosque, who gave you that right? all look on. Zara says to committee that we are your daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, you people make place for us in mosques and dont stop us from going to God. One priest says that Zara is right, mosques should have place for women there and its right as per sharia. Sharia members says I wont let it happen. Irfan says stop it, after listening to arguments, I feel Zara’s arguments are strong and this case’s decisions goes in her favor, women can pray in mosques, from today they will offer prayers there and we ask committee to make place for them. Kabir glares. Priest says sharia board is with women too. Man says to hell with sharia board. Zara sees Kabir looking away and leaves.

all people see news of case’s decision. Ayesha hears it and says I expected this from Zara, great.

Ayesha says to Zeenat that I am very happy with this decision and I will go to mosque with Zara. She asks Zeenat to get ready. Zeenat says I dont think this is right, Ayesha says as you say, Alina and Nilofar are going with me. Zeenat says many people are against this rule and if you take Alina there then Alina might not get a good marriage proposal. Ayesha says Zeenat is right, she asks Alina to stay home. She looks at Nilofar but Nilofar says dont worry about me, I will find a boy for me. She leaves with Ayesha. Zeenat smirks.

Zara comes to Irfan, Irfan says I am not feeling well so I am not going to mosque, I will pray at home. Kabir will lead the prayers. Zara says I will bring doctor. She asks Salma to come with her. Salma says I am not going, sharia board can take any decision but I dont agree with it.

PRECAP- In mosque, Kabir says to Zara that I will not lead the prayers here, I have come to pray here not lead it. Zara says are women and men not equal in God’s eyes? why do you get so angry when its about women right? Kabir says sharia board took wrong decison, he leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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