Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I won’t tolerate such a thing, we have to take strict action. Dean says we have to think about college reputation. Dadi says our family name is also associated with this college now. Kartik says I m not thinking for family or college reputation, my agenda is to punish the culprit, so that no one does this again. Manish reads… Naksh has stopped his resort project midway, he is not financially stable. He worries. Suwarna comes and says did I call Kartik or Dadi, why was the instruction coming in Marathi. Manish says I spoke to mum in the morning, she is fine. He thinks to stop her. She goes. Tanvi says I want to meet Kartik. Peon asks her to wait. Tanvi asks Naira to help and come with her.

Naira says no, you go there. Tanvi begs her.

Naira thinks of Shubham. Manish calls Kirti and asks are you happy. She says yes, I didn’t meet Lav and Kush, I thought to take them for lunch and shopping. He says its same if we gift them. She says no, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. He says yes, but ask Naksh once. She says Naksh never says no to me. He says mum has gone to Mumbai, I hope that she resolves all the problem. She says I hope so too, Naitik is also there, I hope they unite them. Devyaani looks at her. Kirti ends call. She asks the matter. Devyaani says the people from whom Naira wants to run away, they have followed her, what will Naira do, why don’t they let her live in peace. She goes. Kirti thinks we won’t lose hope and won’t leave trying.

Naira asks Tanvi not to cry. Tanvi goes to wash her face. Kartik collides with her. She holds his phone and falls back. He pulls her and holds her close. She says your phone… He says you took a big risk to save a phone, your bones would have got broken, you always act smart. She says this was my concern. They argue. He says I have seen you have handled yourself quite well. She says we have to bear each other now, we can try to not trouble each other Kartik. He says Sir… I m a professor and trustee, so call me Sir. She says okay Sir. He says keep one more thing in mind Ms Naira Goenka. She says Naira Singhania, Sir. He goes. Tanvi comes and asks hasn’t the meeting got over. Naira says no, Kartik came out but I couldn’t talk. Tanvi asks if the video reaches my family, no… Naira thinks what will Dadi and Kartik decide. Peon asks Tanvi to come. Tanvi asks Naira to come. Peon says you have to come alone. Kartik says sorry Tanvi, its not your mistake, tell me do you doubt anybody, we are also trying to find out, its fine, we have spoken to officials, we will get the video deleted, we will check CCTV and find the culprit, I assure you we will catch him. Dadi says this would have not happened if you were careful, girls have to pay for boys’ mistakes, its better than we don’t do anything to provoke the boys.

Naira says they shouldn’t tell anything that breaks Tanvi’s heart. Dadi says I mean your clothes, way of living and friends circle, matters. Kartik signs no to Dadi. Kartik says please give me some time, we are trying out best, no one should know about this, don’t tell anybody, its a sensitive matter for all of us. Dadi says you can go. Tanvi cries and comes out. Naira asks what happened, why are you crying. Tanvi says trustee Goenka said its all my fault, I don’t wear proper clothes and Kartik asked me to hide this entire matter, regarding the college reputation, they don’t care for my dignity, they asked me to hide the matter. Kartik and Dadi come out. Naira cries seeing them. Manish thinks to ask Akhilesh, maybe he is aware. Surekha talks to her friend. Suwarna comes to Manish. She says mum is in Mumbai, that too in college, you knew this right, you didn’t tell me. Manish says actually… Suwarna says you could have told me later, mum goes everywhere without informing, I would make arrangements for her stay there. He says you don’t have to worry about it. She says since Shubham’s death, I don’t want anything such to happen, I don’t want to think of anyone. Manish says you can manage the village adoption work. She says I share every details with you, and my family is cheating me. She goes.

Kartik asks do you have to say something. Tanvi asks him is this her mistake, did someone made her MMS since she wears sleeveless clothes. Kartik says sorry, Dadi didn’t mean to say this, I told you, give us some time. Tanvi says I don’t want your sorry and promises, I want strict action. He says we have started our work. He sees Naira and goes. Dadi says I think Naira instigated her, she didn’t think we would mean this, I supported Naira in Kabir’s matter, she knows me well. Tanvi says they won’t take any action. Naira thinks how did Kartik change much. Tanvi asks the dean about it. He says they will take action, we have to see many things, college reputation gets affected, trustees will decide, they will handle their way, keep it a secret as Kartik said. Kartik asks inspector to delete the video and don’t worry for the cost. He goes. Naira looks on. Naira and Tanvi go to the class. Some students sing. Tanvi says I told you they all will know, everything is ruined. Kartik asks inspector to investigate soon, we will send the CCTV footage, just get the man out. He hears some students protesting for justice. They all get shocked. Inspector says you told me to keep this a secret so that Tanvi’s name doesn’t come in media. Kartik says yes, I told Tanvi as well. He sees Naira with Tanvi. Naira shouts we want justice for Tanvi.

Kartik and Naira argue. Naira says we want results else we will go on a strike until the culprit is not caught.

Update Credit to: Amena


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