Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik staring at Naira. Naira asks the guard to let her go. She says I didn’t expect this, instead of helping and encouraging Tanvi, you are asking her to wear proper clothes, how shall we go to class when wrong gestures are passed there. Kartik says Ms. Naira Goenka, Singhania, we are trying. She says we want justice, we will go on a strike until the culprit is caught. He says I told you we are trying. She says you know what you should do. She shouts we want justice. Suwarna calls Kartik. She says why isn’t Kartik answering the calls, what’s going on there. Akhilesh says maybe they are busy. Suwarna says Kartik always answers my calls, Dadi should have told me. Akhilesh says don’t think negative things.

Surekha says don’t make it an issue, they

will answer when they have time. Suwarna asks Manish to try calling everyone. Manish shouts can’t you just wait for 2 mins, does that become a national emergency if your son didn’t answer the call, can anyone else not have a problem. He goes. Akhilesh says I will see why he is upset. Surekha says these are side effects of loving kids too much, misbalance, loving someone too much and not caring for others, Dadi and Kirti are away from us, even Kartik is getting away, he is happy, but we are worried, we may also go away from you, you are smart, you can understand what I meant to say. Kartik recalls Naira’s words and says how could you think I won’t take any action and take this big matter casually. Dadi says we need to stop the students, its Mumbai, not Udaipur, I didn’t expect this from Naira. Kartik gets Suwarna’s call.

He says I was busy and didn’t see her missed calls. He answers. She asks how are you and Dadi, is everything fine. He says yes, we are fine, I was busy in trust meetings. She says I will come there. He says no, there’s no need, Dadi is here to look after me, I m not always busy, I will call later, I was talking to Dadi about imp college matters. Dadi takes the phone and says I m fine and happy, take care of yourself, Kartik is not a kid, he can take care of himself. Suwarna says yes, I m his mum. Dadi says don’t try to explain me, you need not worry for him when I m here. Kartik signs Dadi. Dadi says I m busy, Kartik will call you when his work gets done. She ends call. Kartik says you scolded mum, she was worried for me. Dadi says she is my bahu, I know how to talk to her. He says stay here, don’t meet students, I will try to talk to them, you can leave for home. She says you explain Naira if possible. He goes. Kirti teaches Bau ji the online work. He says I will make your boutique famous. She asks what salary do you want. He says just one designer saree for my wife, I will gift her. She says amazing. He says this work is easy, I would have checked Naksh’s accounts as well. She gets the file and then thinks of Naksh’s words. She says should I give file to Bau ji, no it will be wrong. She keeps file back. The guy says no one will attend class, boycott your lecture, mass bunk will be fun. The guys break the glasses of doors and windows. Kartik and Naira look on. Naira stops them. The guys ask her to mind her own business. She says what are you trying to prove, Tanvi won’t get insult. The guy asks her to give lecture to her inlaws. They leave. She goes and some bench falls. Kartik sees her and says what happened to her, what is she doing.

Inspector asks him to come along. Naira says they are causing troubles by doing this, how to stop them. Devyaani, Kirti and Bau ji talk to Naitik on video call. Devyaani asks why did Dadi go there. Bau ji asks who are we to ask. Naitik says she isn’t following, its just a coincidence that they are here. He sees Naksh and asks how are you, you look tired. Naksh says I m fine. Naitik says there is something, tell me. Naksh says I have nothing to say, how is Naira and her college. Naitik says she is good, she was chosen Ms. Fresher yesterday. They get glad. The guys shout for justice and argue with guards. Tanvi says they are doing something else. Naira says yes, they are taking advantage, don’t know what to go. Naksh is on the way and gets Manish’s call. Naksh calls back and asks how are you, is our BP fine, Kirti has told me… Manish says you can talk to me as well, can you meet me, its imp work, make sure Kirti doesn’t know it.

Dadi says inform Kartik that I left for home. The man agrees. Guard hits the guy. Dadi sees them at the gate. The guy throws the stick away. Dadi gets hit and falls back. Naira gets shocked. She says Dadi, I mean trustee Mam, I will take her to hospital, Tanvi stay here. She takes Dadi to hospital. Naksh meets Manish at the cafe and asks what’s the work. Manish says our relation changed a lot, I m grateful that you never disrespected me and Kirti, we still care for each other, I know Naitik isn’t here, I m just like your father, are you upset that he went to live with Naira, if you be in his place, you will understand he did right, sometimes such tough decisions are to be taken in life, we have to upset family for their happiness. Naksh says I understand. Manish says I called you to offer you help. Naksh says no, thanks, I will manage, I won’t let Kirti get hurt, I know its your biggest concern, lets have food, lets order something. Manish says yes. Naksh asks driver to drive fast. She pacifies Dadi. Kartik says cross check the footage and find out who did this. Dean says Mrs. Goenka is hurt, some student took her to hospital.

Kartik argues and stops Naira. They fall in the pool. He holds her in arms. Someone clicks their pic.

Update Credit to: Amena


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