Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ranbir confessing his feelings for her. Kritika comes out of the hotel room. Jiana says you got consciousness and asks how are you? Jiana and Kritika leave. Ranbir thinks Kritika misunderstood him and thinks to talk to her. Waiter calls Ranbir and says his phone is left. Shilpa takes phone from him and gives to Malishka. Malishka plans to trap Ranbir. Kritika and Jiana are going home. Jiana thinks mum will scold her. Waiter tells Ranbir and tells that he kept his phone in his room. Ranbir goes to his hotel room. Malishka is waiting for him in his room. He says what is she doing here? She tells him that she thought to meet him. She asks why is he stressed? Ranbir says he is stressed and thinks of Kritika. Malishka says I will get drinks for you and adds all tablets in the drink, thinks

if he drinks even a drop then he will get unconscious. Ranbir says he will have just water. She forces him to have drink. Ranbir drinks fully. Malishka thinks now he will get unconscious.

Pummy scolds Kritika not to go to party again and says you got stuck with Ranbir in cold storage room. Ishani tries to take her side, but pummy tells that her glow is showing something happened and says if you don’t mend your way, then our respect will go. She asks where is your earring, and asks her to follow her words else she will send her back to Punjab.

Malishka asks Ranbir what happened to him? Ranbir tells her that he is better. Malishka asks why she is feeling as if something is lost. Ranbir says it is not like that. Malishka asks him to share with her what is going on in his heart. She says it seems the reason is some girl. Kritika talks to her mum’s pic and says I didn’t do anything wrong and asks her mum to trust her. She thinks of his words and thinks why I was silent when he was speaking. She says this happened for the first time, he held my hand and I was like lost in his eyes and flew in his words. She blames herself for letting him touch her. Ranbir calls Kritika and thinks pick up the phone. Kritika sees his name and thinks why is he calling me, what is left to talk to me. Ranbir thinks why did I tell her about my feelings and thinks once she shall pick the call. Kritika picks the call to scold him, but the call ends. Ranbir messages her that she thought him wrong and tells that his intentions were not wrong. He writes that he heard her voice and came there. He asks her to come there to room no, 103. Kritika looks on.

Ranbir feels headache in his head and feels drowsy. Malishka tries to get close to him and takes out his suit. Ranbir slaps and pushes her. Malishka threatens to ruin him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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