Zindagi Ki Mehak: Kanta Becomes the Love Catalyst for Mehek & Shourya

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show that the much awaited moment will finally arrive as Shaurya and Mehek will realise the truth about their past. In the current track of the show it is seen that Shaurya is trying to trap Mehek by being friends with her so that he can get her disqualified from the match. Mehek does not know that Shaurya and his father Yuvraaj are hand in glove with each other and and working together to get her out of the way. Shaurya plants an exam paper in Mehek’s bag so that she can be caught by the college authorities and get rusticated from college. However, Mehek gets saved as the paper gets wet in her bag and no one realizes that it is an exam paper.

Viewers will soon get to see that Kanta Chachi will return in Mehek and Shaurya’s life and she will immediately recognise the two of them. Mehek will come to know about Shaurya’s evil planning and the two of them will become enemies. However, Kanta Chachi will make Shaurya and Mehek recall their past and will help them to end their enemity and fall in love again. Will Shaurya and Mehek recall their past life love?


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