Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 25th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Malishka asking Ranbir who was the girl because of whom he is so much troubled. Ranbir tells that that the girl whom he saved and gave CPR thought that he tried to take her advantage. He says you might have thought me wrong. Malishka says she should thank you for saving her life. Ranbir feels pain in his head. Malishka says may be drink is showing effect and tries to kiss him. He pushes her and asks her to go. Malishka says night is hers now. Ishani tells Pummy that Kritika is good and sweet and helps her and give make up tips. She says her story is like Cinderella types. Pummy tells that Kritika must have called Ranbir there. Malishka tries to force herself on Ranbir and scratches his neck. Ranbir asks her not to touch him. Malishka pushes him on bed and asks him to do whatever he

wants. Ranbir pushes her. She hugs him again. Ranbir slaps her and calls her cheap girl. Malishka gets angry on him for slapping her and says nobody can save you from me. She tries to stop him, but he goes. Malishka calls her dad and cries. She then laughs. Batra smirks. Malishka comes out of hotel room and acts as Ranbir had molested her. Waiter looks at the marks on her shoulder. Ranbir manages to come home. Akki holds him and takes him to room. He sees scratch on his body and asks who did this. Ranbir faints. Akki asks whom you want to talk. Ranbir takes Kritika’s name.

Akki calls Jiana and asks if they reached safely. Jiana says yes. He asks if Kritika and Ranbir had any fight and tells about scratches on his body. Jiana says nothing happened between them and says she didn’t remember that he had any scratch on his body when she met him last. She tells about cold storage room. Akki says ok, bro is fine and asks her to take care. Kritika is angry and thinks she will teach a lesson to Ranbir for calling her in the hotel. Jiana comes to her and asks to whom she was to teach a lesson.

Jiana asks Kritika what happened to Ranbir and tells that his condition was bad when he reached home and he had many scratches on his body. Kritika says I didn’t do anything and tells that he was talking and she was silent. Jiana says Akki called me and told that. Kritika says Akki called you. Ranbir wakes up with the hangover. Akki brings lemon juice for him and asks him to tell what happened last night. He asks about cold storage room incident. Ranbir tells him that he saved her life. Akki says you have saved her and she did this. Ranbir says she didn’t do anything and recalls Malishka scratching him intentionally while trying to force herself on him.

Kritika calls Ranbir and tells that whatever he did is right and she reacted wrongly. Ranbir says it is good and asks can we be friends. She asks what?

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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