Ishq Subhan Allah 26th June 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Ayesha comes in meeting room. She recalls Shahbaz saying to her that Zara is her daughter so she should decide if she wants to be with her or not. Ayesha says I am sorry but I.. cant give statement against my son. Kabir is relieved. Irfan asks her to sit and says Ayesha used her right and didnt give statement, Zara are you ready to give your statement? Zara nods. She comes in witness box and says to Kabir that if I am a witness and I am asked to give a statement then does Islam allow me to say not give statement? Kabir looks on and says no. Zara says infront of this sharia board, I give statement that Kabir defied sharia board’s orders and left mosque without leading prayers. Kabir is hurt and looks on. Irfan asks Zara to sit down. Kabir shakes his head. Zara is in tears. Irfan

asks Kabir if he can tell the board why he did that? Kabir stands up and says I did what I thought was right and I will do what I think is right in future too because truth and justice is above any board, and if you people think I did any mistake then.. I, Kabir Ahmed, resign from vice chairmanship, all are stunned. Zara says Kabir? Kabir gives his resignation to Irfan. Shahbaz points to his priest. Priest says I am with Kabir and his thoughts, if he give resignation then we will resign too. Other priests stand up and say we are ready to give resignation too and are with Kabir. Kabir comes to Ayesha and offers his hand. Ayesha holds his hand but holds Zara’s hand too. Kabir sees her holding Zara’s hand. Kabir leaves her hand. Ayesha has to leave Zara’s hand and holds Kabir’s hand. Kabir starts leaving with Ayesha. Zara comes to him and stops him. She asks him to take her. Kabir hugs her and kisses her head, he says if you hadnt give a statement against me. ,,
Kabir holds Ayesha and says people care about relations more than their stubbornness but unfortunately we are on opposite sides. ,, Kabir leaves with Ayesha. Zara cries.

Irfan is sadly sitting in his room. Zara comes to him and asks if she did the wrong thing? Irfan says you have lived your life as per our wills. ,,

Kabir says to Ayesha that I am sorry and thankful that you sided with me. Ayesha says mothers are always with their kids.. its kids that never take mother’s side. Kabir is stunned and says when did I not take your side? Ayesha says I asked you to bring Zara back but you did not, Zara did what she thought was right, you did what you thought was right but I wont let this house become sharia board war zone so till evening, I want Zara back home, she leaves. Kabir looks on.

Scene 2
Salma cries and says to Irfan that what is happening is not right, you wanted to make your daughter as your son, you wanted her to get education, I told you many times that for this society, duaghters are always daughters. Irfan says this is a fight between Zara and Kabir, its not about daughter or son. Salma says if you had raised her like a daughter then this wouldnt have happened, now your daughter cant become vice president or president of board and wont have her family, daughters look nice in their inlaws house too. what we will do now? she cries and says now I will manage it, I will go there, I will beg to Kabir but I will make my daughter’s house again, she cries. Zara comes there and sees it. Zara hugs her and says you are not going anywhere, you dont have to beg to anyone nor do anything else, she wipes her tears. Zara says to Salma that Kabir left me here so I will go back only when he comes to take me. Salma says you think even after all this happening, he will come to take you? Zara says he will come for sure.. not today so tomorrow or some other day and when he comes to take me then I will pacify him. She smiles at Irfan and leaves from there.

Kabir meets Reema and Imran. Reema says Kabir left Zara home so he should bring her back. Imran says Zara said that they will remain separate till case is going on so she should return now. They start arguing in restaurant. Kabir shouts to stop it, I came here for peace, not to hear your arguments, he puts money there and leaves.

Zara looks at her and Kabir’s images, she recalls their moments together.
Kabir comes to his room and sees Zara’s things. He takes out newspaper which has Zara’s news and recalls Zara going against him. He puts Zara’s clothes and things in a bag and thinks that now Zara and I cant live together anymore. Zara is weeping for him on the other hand. Kabir tears his and Zara’s photo in two and says from now on, our paths are separate.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that since you love freedom so much that I, Kabir Ahmed will free you. I divorce you, diovrce you, divorce you.


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