Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 26th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kritika getting ready and thinks to go to the office and get busy at work to avoid thoughts. She thinks of Jiana’s words and thinks if I shall call Ranbir and asks what happened? She then thinks she shall not call him and says she will go to the office. Akki asks Ranbir about scratches on his body. Ranbir tells him that Kritika didn’t do that, but some other girl. Akki thinks who was she and asks him. Ranbir asks him to go but then tells him that she was Batra’s daughter. Akki says she is sweet. Ranbir tells that she forced herself on me which I can’t think even in my wildest dream. He tells everything and Malishka threatening him when he refused her. Akki says oh my God. Ranbir says it was surprising for me. She was literally on me and wanted to rape me. Akki is shocked.


is going to the office. Pummy asks her to make tea. Kritika says she has made breakfast. Pummy asks her to serve coffee/tea. Akki asks Ranbir to tell everything. Ranbir tells him about giving CPR to Kritika. Akki smiles and asks how could you do this. Ranbir says don’t know and tells that she is magnetic and attracts him towards her. He says I am feeling for her and want to talk to her. Akki teases him. Kritika thinks of Ranbir and recalls he saves her. Jiana asks her to thank him and says if you don’t thank him then it will be wrong. Akki asks Ranbir to talk to Kritika. Ranbir says yes. Akki says you are missing her.

Ranbir calls Kritika. Jiana asks Kritika to talk to him. Kritika says she will not talk to him and says she is BA, LLB from Punjab. She tells her that if she takes her side, then she will scold her. She doesn’t pick his call. Ranbir messages her and hopes to get a reply. Kritika sends angry face smilie. Ranbir asks her to send sweet face smilie. Jiana tells Kritika that Ranbir is a good guy and asks her to thank him at least. Kritika says how can he message me and says he is a big bad guy. Ranbir sends her message. Jiana asks her to talk to him and says he was not that bad. Ranbir thinks she is unique and tells that he is mad for her. Kritika thinks if Jiana is right, she thinks whatever he told yesterday was from his heart. She thinks Ranbir saved her from Ashok, and then Yash and saved her from the cold storage room. She thinks his way might be wrong to save her, but if hadn’t done that then I would have died.

Ranbir thinks don’t know if this girl will pick the call and calls Kritika. She picks the call. He asks how are you? Kritika says I am fine and asks about him. Ranbir says I am fine and tries to tell about last night. Kritika says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells that she has realized that she behaved badly with him and thought him wrong. Ranbir says it is good and asks can we be friends? Kritika says so soon. Ranbir says can we be friends? Kritika says she is not like any other girl and don’t become friends easily. Ranbir says ok and asks can we talk whenever we want. His mum calls him. Kritika asks him to go. Ranbir asks her to come to his house and talk to him. Akki asks her to bring Ishani and Jiana with her. Kritika says ok. Ranbir says we will have a family bonding and says I love you for coming. Kritika ends the call and thinks why did she agree to go. She thinks Ranbir needs her and she has to go and help him.

Precap: Ranbir waits for Kritika with his parents when malishka comes there with Police. Lady Inspector says you are under arrest for molesting Malishka. Ranbir and his parents are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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