Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ranbir trying many outfits as Kritika is coming to his house. Akki helps him and says this costume will look good.. kritika thinks how to go to his house and thinks she shall have an excuse. Jiana says she is going. Kritika tells Jiana that she will drop her. Jiana asks if she talked to Ranbir and asks if he is the reason? Kritika says no. Jiana says then why do you want to drop me. Kritika says it will save the money. Pummy asks Jiana to go with Kritika. She asks Kritika to pick her while coming home. Kritika checks her phone and thinks she is getting dragged towards him. She says bye to Pummy and leaves.

Balraj asks Akki about Ranbir. Akki says he is getting ready and will walk like a hero and will ask how is he looking? Ranbir comes there and asks how is he looking? Akki

says someone is coming. Mahima gets happy and says she will make the arrangements. Balraj says I have chosen girl for him and says he will marry her only. He says Ranbir’s choice is my choice. Ranbir says it is not like that. He says she is just a friend who is coming to meet you people. He says I have no feelings for her. Kritika asks Jiana not to be upset with her. Kritika says my di is hiding things from me.

Kritika tells Jiana that she is going to meet Ranbir and she said thank you and sorry also. Jiana gets happy and asks if they are friends now. Kritika says no and tells that he wants her to meet his parents. Jiana says when a guy makes a girl meet his parents, you know what? Kritika says it is not like that. Door bell rings. Balraj asks him to open the door as bahu would be waiting. Ranbir opens the door and finds Malishka standing with Police. Lady inspector accuses Ranbir for molesting Malishka. Mahima says my son can’t do this. Malishka says it is truth. Balraj says my son is innocent. Shilpa says this is truth, Ranbir molested my sister. Mahima says this can’t happen. Malishka says this has happened and tells that Ranbir called her to his make up room and then. Malishka says he can’t do anything like this. Malishka says he was drunk and he doesn’t remember. She says Ranbir is a Casanova and spend every night with a girl. She says when she went to room, he told that she is looking hot. She says he held her tightly, she slapped him and tries to go, but he forced himself on her. Ranbir asks her to shut up and tells that she did all this with him and tells that she is shameless like her father. He says this is all fabricated.

Balraj says this is this daughter and father’s conspiracy. He says she is lying. Malishka says you have proof infront of you and you are not believing. She says she wants to die and acts to stab herself. Lady inspector stops her. Batra says my daughter is innocent and trusted them. He says Ranbir has done cheap thing and thinking that he will be freed from the charges. Inspector says she will arrest him. Ranbir says she is lying. Akki says my brother told me everything in the morning and tells that this girl is lying. Shilpa says she has seen her state and was there and blames Ranbir. Akki says Malishka attacked my brother and scratched on his body. Shilpa says she scratched him as didn’t let him do what he wanted. Malishka shouts asking them to stop it. Ranbir tells that he is innocent and never disrespected any woman till date. Inspector arrests him and takes him in her jeep. Balraj says I will come there and get you freed. Kritika and Jiana are stuck in the traffic jam. Auto and jeep pass each other, but Ranbir and Kritika don’t see each other.

The lawyer with whom Kritika is working tells her that Ranbir had molested Malishka. Kritika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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