Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 29th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ranbir coming back from the police station with his parents and lawyer. He asks Lawyer to get him out of the mess. Lawyer says your case is very complicated and asks them to tell clearly. Akki says I told you clearly. Lawyer says I want to hear from Ranbir. Ranbir says why I would do such a thing with Batra’s daughter with whom we are fighting a case. Pummy watches promo of kaun hai….Mahima cries and says my son was in lockup for 2 hours and says they were good in Canada. She tells that these people will prove him guilty. Balraj says Ranbir is my son also and tells that he will not let anything happen to him. Kritika brings water for them. Vikas acts and asks did you get your medical check-up done. Malishka says yes. Kritika assures her that Ranbir will be punished. Vikas tells Batra

that they will get what they wanted, they mean justice. Ranbir is sitting alone. Akki says everything will be sorted and says Malishka matter will be sorted. Ranbir says I am thinking about Kritika and says she must have come here and heard about it. She will misunderstand me now.. Akki asks him to take rest and sleep on the bed. Ranbir says it is just 8 pm. Akki asks him to sleep.

Ishani is seeing audition video of the heroines. Pummy says I can give you tips for good acting than them, but she is busy. Kritika comes home. Pummy asks why she is going to her room. Kritika says she is tired. Pummy asks her to cook the vegetables. Kritika says ok. Ishani asks Kritika why she is tensed?

kritika says nothing. Jiana comes and thinks surely something might happen. Ranbir thinks Kritika must have seen him arrested and going with Police. He sees Kritika’s two missed calls and thinks there is no message. He thinks she might have got angry and thought him wrong. He then thinks to tell her that he is not wrong this time. He thinks he can’t bear if she thinks him wrong. Jiana comes to Kitchen and tells Kritika what she heard and says she was so shocked.. She says I know that Ranbir is not like this and he can do this with anybody. Kritika says he did. Jiana says he is trapped, maybe that girl is lying. Kritika says you would have seen Malishka’s condition and tells that she will fight the case against Ranbir and make sure that he gets punished. Jiana thinks why this enmity happened. Ranbir calls her and thinks to pick up the call. Kritika thinks about why he is calling her. He gets an idea and goes to her house. Kritika hears his voice and thinks it might be her illusion. Ranbir sees cactus and says she has grown outside the house also. He comes to the window and admires her as she is sleeping.

Ranbir tells Kritika that he is innocent, Kritika doesn’t believe him. Ranbir swears that he is innocent. Kritika says you did wrong to come to my room at this time. Just then someone knocks on the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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