Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 3rd July 2018 Episode Written Update

Ishani spots Ranvir going out of the room. Kartika was shocked while Ranvir stops right there and turns around. Ishani cheers watching him and asks what he is doing here. Ranvir says he came to meet Ishani. Ishani was excited and says this isn’t her room, it was Kartika’s room. Ishani takes Ranvir outside to introduce him to everyone else. Kartika wonders what’s happening, what he wants; she is confused about what’s right and wrong.
Shilpa applies ointment on Malishka’s bruises. She asks why she did this to Ranvir though she was about to marry him. Malishka says situations have changed, she reminds her what Ranvir claimed on his return from Canada. He was determined to win the case. Shilpa says he hasn’t done anything yet. Malishka tells Shilpa she heard Ranvir’s idea one day. Akki and Ranvir

had been drinking together, Akki asked what he had said to Balraj that he is calm. Ranvir said to Akki that he told Balraj they will surely win the case, he said there was a reporter from Canada. He told Mr. Mathew to send them the original papers of property to him, so after eleven days Mr. Batra will be kicked out of their lives. Akki boasted no one can win from them. Malishka says she has already won. Malishka says the plan came from Vikas, their lawyer’s brain. Now, they will have to return Canada empty handed.
Ishaani brings Pummy outside to see who is here. Pummy was shocked to see Ranvir Kapoor. Pummy was excited. Ishani says he has come to meet her. Ranvir says he just came to know about it as well, noticing Kartika’s stare. Pummy offers Ranvir to take a seat while sends Kartika to prepare some cold drink. Ranvir says he would like chilled water.
Akki stops outside and thinks Ranvir must just be inside. Ishani comes out and asks if Akki is also here? She calls her father inside, Akki asks if she wouldn’t invite him? He tells Ishani he would only come inside if someone invites her. Ishani’s father come there, Ishani tells him Ranvir Kapoor is here at home. He was cheerful. Akki touch his feet while they come inside.
Kartika brings water for Ranvir. Akki comes to stop Ranvir and asks if its mineral water. Kartika says its pot water, they only use it. Ranvir agrees to drink pot water. Arun comes inside to meet Ranvir. Pummy introduces him to Ranvir. Arun sends Ishani to bring tea for them, Pummy strictly tells Ishani to be a statue and sit here. She brought her daughters up in a way they don’t know how to cook. She tells Kartika to bring the tea instead. Kartika makes up that he doesn’t take any water instead of pot water. Akki recalls how much Ranvir hated tea, Mahima had insisted on him to taste it once but he wasn’t ever read. Kartika says that’s the point, he doesn’t like tea and they don’t drink coffee. Ranvir agrees to drink tea and says he doesn’t know since when but he loves tea. Ranvir thinks this way he will get to speak to Kartika what he came here for.
Pummy thinks Ranvir’s clothes seem branded, but Ishaani’s dress is so simple. She thinks how she must turn Ishaani into a beauty as well. She makes up she will just go and serve and calls Ishaani for help as well. She deliberately spills water on Ishaani’s clothes, then tells her to change.
In the room, Ishaani was irked at Pummy for spoiling her dress. Pummy comes in and tells Ishaani to wear something colorful as Ranvir is here. Ishaani asks if she is thinking about her marriage. Pummy says she likes Akki more than Ranvir for her, he is a nice guy. She selects a new dress for Ishaani to wear.
Arun goes to take a call. Akki was alone with Ranvir and asks when did he start liking tea. Ranvir explains he just wanted to spend some more time with Kartika and thus said he likes tea. They were teasing each other. Arun comes inside and asks what they were discussing.
In the kitchen, Kritika was furious over Ranvir for demanding tea. She says she is dead sure he doesn’t like tea, now she will make him drink tea for sure. Ranvir watches Kritika stare at him while grinding spices for tea.

PRECAP: Pummy asks Ranvir the reason he came here so late at night. Kritika were left staring at each other.

Update Credit to: Sona


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