Bepannah 4th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Zoya thinks about Aditya’s misunderstandings towards her concerns. They were in hospital. Waseem asks what she is thinking. Zoya says he is sure one day he will surely understand. Dr. Inayat comes out of the operation theatre. Zoya requests her to come to court with them, they need her written testimony and case might not then go on trial. Dr. Inayat agrees to help them. Police comes to arrest Dr. Inayat then, she asks what for. Harsh was with the police and says she is convicted of breaking the rules of confidentiality between a patient and doctor. She leaked the reports of his deceased daughter in law, Pooja and did her character assassination. Harsh says she might have been forced to do this, or paid as she is a friend of Siddique’s. Dr. Inayat and Waseem questions how can Harsh blame her pointlessly.

Harsh says this is nothing, he will speak in court and that might result in cancellation of Dr. Inayat. He tells Zoya he already warned her, now she must face the consequences. Zoya finds Aditya standing with a wall in the corner as well. the police takes Dr. Inayat. Waseem assures Inayat they will get her bail.
Zoya goes behind Aditya to stop him while he turns to leave. She questions if he doesn’t have the courage to face her? She asks if he seriously did this to her? She brought the file to him because she didn’t want to hurt him, though everyone was against it. But what he did, he took advantage of that proof and is now playing with Dr. Inayat? She asks till when he would run away from the truth? Aditya says he isn’t playing with the lives of others, those who played have left the world. She must be fond of advertising to the world how manly her husband was; he made someone else’s wife pregnant. He was a good husband and knew Pooja for years. The truth is that Zoya is running away from the truth, Yash and Pooja betrayed them and that’s the truth. Zoya asks till when Aditya would blame others for his weaknesses, he always make hatred as his shield. What if even hatred stops helping him? Aditya stops Zoya saying it won’t happen, his hatred isn’t his shield. It’s a support on which he lives, and his hatred is legitimate. He mocks Zoya is great and her husband was a God, they must have started an Ashram where people could learn how to plan a child with other’s wife. She is great enough and must be wishing to be a part of their happiness. He tears the pregnancy report and throws the pieces over Zoya. He says no matter how many proofs she collect, each will reach to the same result.
Waseem was calling the police for Dr. Inayat’s bail. Noor tells Roshan she thought Aditya was a good man when he worked with Zoya. Waseem says the lawyers back up when they hear Harshwardhan’s name in the case. Zoya decides to take the case back, she can’t harm others because of her. Aditya has won and she lost like always.
At Hooda house, Harsh finds Anjana busy calling someone. Anjana asks what happened, she was just calling Aditya. Harsh says Siddique had only seen his friendship, they would now realize their power of enmity. The doctor would think a hundred times before even speaking to patients now. He gives a good news to Anjana, Zoya is withdrawing the case and leaving to Missouri. Anjana asks about Aditya. Harsh says he left the hospital before him, must be coming. Anjana was worried why he isn’t attending the call then.
Aditya drank in a bar haunted by Zoya’s words about Pooja’s pregnancy. He turns around to see Pooja smiling towards him. He stands up but Yash comes to stand beside her, both look towards each other and smile. Pooja asks Aditya till when he will continue drinking, he must accept she never loved him as much as she loved Yash. She wanted Yash to be her child’s father, Yash taught her the true meaning of love. Yash taunts that Aditya’s wife was his best friend, still she bear his child and Aditya couldn’t know. Aditya breaks a glass on floor and leaves the bar.
Arjun tells Sakshi that Harsh has proven Zoya wrong, she is leaving for Missouri. Sakshi thinks about considering Zoya as her daughter and was ready to do her best. Zoya shouldn’t leave.
Aditya was driving while badly drunk. Police arrests Aditya. One of the policemen recognizes him as Hooda’s son. The police takes Aditya into their car. The policeman calls Harsh about Aditya.
Zoya comes downstairs with her bag packed. Waseem and others were ready with their luggage. Waseem tells Zoya to rethink again, he forced her to go to Missouri a few days ago. He doesn’t want Zoya to leave for Missouri with a few threads unsolved. Zoya says she has nothing to lose now. She takes blessings from Madhu ji who hugs Zoya. She asks Madhu ji to take care of herself.

PRECAP: Aditya furiously says it was his mistake that Pooja cheated on him and became a mother of someone else’s child. Sakshi comes from behind and slaps Aditya.

Update Credit to: Sona


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