Bepannah 9th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Outside the court, media gathers around Aditya. Aditya accepts that his selfishness, his blindness and irresponsibility was the reason of Pooja’s death. Pooja was his life, his best friend but could never be his love. The media questions if he is justifying extra marital affair? Aditya asks who are they to judge, Pooja had been living by considering his friendship as love; but true love found her anyway. Pooja and Yash loved each other, Pooja broke his trust but it was he who never understood Pooja. The media asks about Yash’s family. Aditya apologizes them for hurting them quite often in the past days. Zoya follows Aditya who turns to leave.
Sakshi, Hooda’s and Siddique family watched the transmission on television.
Sakshi was crying in the room when Aditya enters and packs her bag. He

says she is going with him. Sakshi says but… Aditya says there are arguments between each other, but mothers scold and shout at children; in case she can’t understand he is saying a sorry. She has no choice but to forgive. Sakshi places her hand over Aditya’s shoulder. He turns to hug Sakshi. She cries calling him a good son.
Harsh calms Anjana assuring he is with her. Aditya reaches Hooda house with Sakshi. Anjana was irked but Harsh holds her hand. Aditya says Sakshi will live here now. He comes to his parents and apologizes for all they suffered because of him. He regrets understanding it all really late, he couldn’t bit Pooja a farewell she deserved from him as a husband. He wonders if Pooja would forgive him? Anjana hugs Aditya. Aditya now holds Harsh’s hand and asks him for the courage and blessing to do what he wants. Harsh places his hand over Aditya and assures they stand with him. Aditya hugs Harsh. Sakshi was happy.
Zoya greets Madhuji who was thankful to her. Zoya says its all done by Aditya. Madhuji was sure Zoya must be behind all this. Aditya enters the house then. He wanted to speak to Zoya, Zoya nods and come along him. Outside the room, Zoya asks what Aditya want to say? Aditya confess he hid something from her, but he was unaware what to tell her. He shows her a ring. Zoya recognizes it as the one Yash brought for her anniversary. Aditya says Yash got it made for Pooja actually, it was never Zoya’s. Zoya was taken aback. Aditya points towards Pooja’s name written on it. Aditya says he now has the courage… Zoya asks for what?
Later, Zoya and Yash sat beside the lake. Zoya compliments it’s a beautiful place, Aditya calls its so peaceful. Both walk towards the lake. Aditya speaks to Pooja that he is sorry and wanted to say a lot but can’t think of a single word, he regrets he didn’t even look at her well even when he had a chance. He was jealous as he had never seen her with anyone else. He wish he had seen her for one last time, rubbed her hair and kissed her forehead. He wish he could read her unheard voice, and the tears hiding behind her smile. Zoya places her hand over his shoulder to console. Both pushes Yash and Pooja’s photo and ring into the lake water. They wish they also get love as theirs in life.
Zoya and Aditya walk together. Aditya asks where she is going, Missouri? Zoya says Mumbai has suited Missouri. She intends to begin Zosh again. She has got great confidence in Mumbai. Aditya compliments she has covered a long distance in a very short time. Zoya gives all the credits to Aditya and thanks him. He was in a disbelief that she is apologizing, she always shout at him. Aditya also compliments Zoya for understanding someone’s love beyond their betrayal, it takes a lot of courage. Zoya was happy that Aditya is appreciating her. Aditya explains he was unaware the reasons behind it, he considered her supporting extramarital affair and cheating. Zoya says she can never support extra marital affairs, it’s just that she wanted to understand the underlying reasons. Aditya understands that sometimes people aren’t bad, just times aren’t good. Zoya convinces Aditya that they must now forgive themselves, let all the good or bad thoughts coming; they will be able to move on this way. Aditya says it’s time for them to leave. Zoya points they haven’t ever wish a Hi to each other, Aditya laughs ‘actually’. Zoya forwards her hand saying ‘Hi, Zoya Siddiqui’. Aditya shakes the hand, introducing himself as Captain Aditya. He says there paths has parted. Zoya asks if he won’t stay in touch. Aditya wonders where fate would take them. Zoya was sure fate brought them here and will keep them connected in future as well. Both walk on opposite paths.

PRECAP: Zoya gets Arjun’s letter that Aditya is leaving the city. Zoya comes to the airport but security doesn’t let her in. Zoya spots Aditya wearing headphones. She calls him but he couldn’t listen.

Update Credit to: Sona


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