Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 9th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kritika thinking about Ranbir. She thinks about what to do and how to solve this problem. She looks in the sky. Ranbir also looks in the sky and thinks he has a feeling that she is looking at moon. He asks Moon to answer his few questions. Kritika asks moon why she feels for him and why she couldn’t take him out of her mind. Ranbir asks moon if he has love feelings for her, it is pure, honest, truthful and tells that he is seeing her in it.. He asks if she is also seeing you like I am seeing you. Kritika sees Ranbir’s face in the moon and thinks if she is in love with him. She then tells that she don’t want to love him. He asks how I can fall in love with her. Akki asks her to hold her hand and feel if he got current or not. Ranbir asks are you awake? Akki says you were talking

loudly and I heard you.

Ranbir teases Akki and asks if he thought about Ishani. He about taking selfies with Ishani. Akki also teases him and says you went to kitchen following Kritika. Jiana asks Kritika if everything is fine. Kritika asks what is more important relations or work. Jiana says you left your first job for us and tells that you values relation more than work. Kritika tells her that tomorrow she has to go to his house and give him court notice as Malishka has filed the case against him. Jiana says Ranbir is a nice guy and don’t deserve this. Kritika says she is feeling strange and don’t know what to do. Jiana says Ranbir don’t deserve this.

In the morning, Ranbir asks for a tea. Balraj finds change in him. Akki says this change came in his life yesterday. Mantri serves them tea. Ranbir asks if this is tea? Akki says that hand was not there who made tea. Kritika thinks she has to go. She feels bad and thinks he is a happy go lucky guy and can’t do this. She comes to his house. Ranbir thinks wow and thinks girl is honest and good. Akki tells Ranbir that Bhabhi kritika came and asks him to dance on the chance. Ranbir asks him to give respect to Bhabhi. He goes to her and tells that I forgot that I want to meet you, as I thought you will come in the evening and asks her to feel at home. Kritika says she came from Lawyer’s office. Ranbir thinks she is fighting his case and tells that he was a bit nervous even though he is innocent.

Ranbir says let’s sit and talk. Kritika says I am not like other lawyer and handles case with honesty. Ranbir says I was nervous as I never handled court case. He says as you are there, I feel safe. He says when you are there, I don’t need to worry. He says when you will infront of me, I will be calm and confident. Mr. Agarwal’s assistant comes there and asks for his signs. Ranbir says Kritika is the assistant. Kritika says she is Vikas Sharma’s assistant and gives court summons. She says Malishka is their client. Ranbir is shocked.

Kritika asks him to fight the case and proves his innocence and win her friendship. Prove to the world that he is wrong and they are wrong. Ranbir looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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