Bepannah 10th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Aditya and Zoya enjoy heavy rain separately. Aditya walks while rain pours over him, Zoya held an umbrella and watches the kids play. Her umbrella fly off due to heavy winds, Zoya swirls playfully.
Aditya returns home. Anjana calls the servant to bring towel. Aditya was happy to meet Arjun and hugs him, he asks who brought him? Harsh says Arjun was angry with him, he brought him for sure. Anjana rubs Aditya’s hair with a towel. Arjun says he respects Aditya more for what he has done. He inquires if Aditya plans to join Zosh events before resuming his pilot job? Anjana was irked at the mention of Zoya. Aditya silently walks into his room while Harsh and Anjana scolds Arjun that they have had enough with Zoya. Aditya walks into the shower and thinks about Zoya’s suggestions to give himself sometime,

let the thoughts coming and get over them.
Zoya returns home all wet. The family was there. Zoya was happy and excited and tells the family she has liked the city for the first time, she has decided to stay here. Waseem wants to speak to her but Zoya doesn’t listen, she moves on to call Akansha that she is starting Zosh events again. Zoya’s mother convinces Waseem that this is the first time Zoya has decided to do something for herself.
Zoya stood outside the Zosh events office with the team members. The managers brought a wrong key, Zoya was determined to break the lock today. She sends a young boy to bring a hammer and breaks open the lock. Inside the office, she finds Yash’s photo broken on the floor and gathers the glass.
Arjun comes to Aditya to take him outside and enjoy weather.
Zoya gives half leave to the team. Noor suggests about going home but Zoya was excited to go out and enjoy the weather.
Arjun and Aditya enjoy corn and discuss how they used to compete in their childhood. Arjun begins to bite his corn speedily. Aditya watches him, then asks for Arjun’s promise to always stay with the family and not to leave the house.
Noor and Zoya enjoy tea from a stall. Noor says Zoya seems obsessed with Aditya as she mentioned his name around 25 times. Zoya says she only think Aditya is a good friend no matter how harsh they behave with each other. She discuss with Noor about planning a party for Aditya, then calls Arjun. Arjun likes the idea. Zoya says he must bring Aditya to Zosh events tomorrow.
The next morning, Arjun comes to Aditya’s room. The room was empty. A servant brings a letter to Arjun from Aditya. Zoya reads the letter in the party in office. Aditya had written, ‘Whatever happened with him in the past year influenced his life baldy. He isn’t running away but needs sometime to recognize himself again. He has to figure out and understand his mistakes by living alone for a while. He only want to try not to hurt anyone due to his self-centered-ness and irresponsibility. If someone asks, he must say Aditya is fine; if Zoya asks, he must say it’s for the first time Aditya is accepting someone’s else’s suggestion blindly, she is sensible enough to understand’
Zoya was worried reading the letter and tells Arjun to help her stop Aditya, he is much vulnerable these days.
Zoya and Arjun separately look around for Aditya. Arjun calls Zoya to inform that Aditya is leaving for Paris, she needs to stop him.
Aditya was waiting in the airport. His passport and boarding pass fell on the floor and a few kids step over the documents while playing around. It was announced the flight was 20 minutes delayed.
Zoya reaches the airport but security guard wasn’t ready to let her in.
Aditya’s boarding pass was damaged, he was asked to get a new one issued from another counter.
Zoya tries to trace the flight details of Paris, the security stops her.
Aditya was teased by the noise of security arguing Zoya, he wears head phones and walks inside.
Zoya was taken out of the airport, the security personnel warns Zoya to attempt such an act again and breach the security. Zoya mentions the flight of Paris, an air hostess informs Zoya that flight for Paris has already taken off. Zoya was upset and wonders why Aditya, her dearest friend left?

PRECAP: Zoya got ready while the family was excited about groom’s arrival. Zoya says ‘Qubool Hai’.

Update Credit to: Sona


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