Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira recalling Kartik’s words. She smiles and sees ghungroos, and girls dancing. She recalls her dance. She says dad is right, I should tell Kartik why I don’t dance anymore, what happened that day. Manish calls Dadi. He asks are you at the college. She says no, I m at home, I m taking some rest, why do you sound so worried. He says Suwarna went to college to surprise Kartik, if she sees Naira, it will be bad, do something. She says no, we shall see whatever happens, we stayed in fear for two years, now no one will do anything, let it happen. Manish worries. Suwarna calls Kirti. She says happy anniversary, I went to Shirdi and didn’t get time. Kirti says its okay thanks.

Suwarna asks how did you celebrate, how was your day with Naksh. Kirti says nothing,

we just celebrated at home. Suwarna thinks Kirti lied to me, the family came here and celebrated, I should talk to Kartik. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa ask Lav and Kush for specs and phone. Devyaani says one more thing, just go and call Kirti. Suwarna goes to talk to Kartik. Manish thinks it will go wrong if Suwarna knows this. Dadi prays. Naira thinks I have to tell him the truth. Kartik thinks just tell me Naira. Naitik thinks Naira should tell the truth to Kartik. Suwarna asks for Kartik. The guy says he went upstairs. Lav and Kush get tired to do work. Lav calls Surekha and says send car for us, we got tired, they just make us do some work, we want to come back. She gets shocked.

Naira and Kartik meet in lab. He says we can talk peacefully there, else the students… she says I didn’t understand. He says nothing. The girl says chemistry between professor and student in chemistry lab is interesting. Naira says I got the appointment to meet the doctor, when should I go, will you take me, I mean you will come along right. Suwarna asks peon for Kartik. Peon says yes, Sir went towards chemistry lab. Kartik asks is there anything else to say. Naira says actually…. Her hand hits a chemical container. He holds it.

Zindagi nayi raahon me hai….plays….. They see each other. Lav and Kush say we have to complete assignment, so we are going. Bhabhimaa says they are upset as we made them work. Kirti says maybe because I didn’t spend time with them. Devyaani says whatever, they did wrong to call Surekha, she will make it an issue now. Surekha comes. Lav asks shall we leave. She says wait, I need to talk to both of you, what if someone made you do any work, you both ask for food many times in a day, we do make it, even here they made food for you, did you forget when Kartik and Naira used to do your assignments, now you felt bad, you should be happy to get a chance to help, you even get grades in community service and social service right. Lav and kush go to get water for everyone. Surekha says so sorry, the current generation is such, they got much comforts, its our mistake too, we can just explain them.

Kartik asks Naira to say. She says you wanted to know how I got hurt. He says yes. She says two years ago, I…. when… she hears a sound and falls over him. Morey saiyyan….plays………Students open the door. The guy says sorry, I didn’t know, they are romancing each other. The girl says what a cute couple. The guy asks is it easy to have chemistry in chemistry lab, you are quite experienced, teach us too. Kartik says mind your own business. The guy asks Naira to teach them. Suwarna comes. Kartik says just go to your classes. Suwarna gets shocked seeing Naira.

Kirti says you both became so naughty. Naksh asks what else did you do in hostel. They hear Lav and Kush’s ghost stories and laugh. Surekha gets a call. The lady asks can you pick me for the party, its at your fav place. Surekha says no, I didn’t forget, sorry I won’t be able to come, bye. She signs Kirti and joins everyone. Kirti smiles.

The guy says just teach us how to woo a beautiful girl. The girl asks Naira to teach them. Kartik says mind your language, Miss. The guy says you mind your behavior first, Naira acts Sati Savitri, does her husband know what she is doing here. Kartik says how dare you say this about her. Naira cries. Tanvi asks them to stop it. Suwarna leaves. Kunal says we have nothing to do with this, come on. Suwarna thinks of Kartik and Kirti’s words. She goes. Dean sees her and calls her out. Tanvi says they are adults and they know what they are doing. The students leave.

Kartik says just ignore them. Naira leaves. A professor asks did your mom meet you, she has come here, she was here for an hour, I just saw her leaving, she met you right, dean tried to stop her, she didn’t say anything and left, is everything fine, you look disturbed. Kartik gets shocked and looks around. He leaves. Suwarna leaves in the car. Driver calls her out. Naira leaves in a cab. Kartik asks where is Suwarna. Driver says she left in the car, she looked angry, I tried to stop her but….Suwarna thinks of Kartik and Naira. She recalls Shubham. She cries and gets dizzy. She screams seeing a car and drives away. She hits a tree. People gather. Driver says I think some accident happened. Naira gets shocked seeing Suwarna and asks driver to stop the car. She runs to Suwarna.

Surekha says it would be better if you don’t face her. Naitik says what did Naira do that she always get blamed, I can’t see her like this. He takes Naira. Kartik looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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