Bepannah 11th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Zoya walks towards the rocket cracker and lights a match stick saying she promised there would be light everywhere when the groom arrives, and Zoya Siddiqui never breaks her promise. A fire work commence as she lights the cracker. She instructs her team to start the rest of fire work.
Later, the team complements Zoya’s efforts as everyone appreciated them. Sometimes it feels there is Adi’s soul in her. Zoya gets a call from Noor who complains that Zoya isn’t home and their mother is angry as there is function tomorrow. Zoya promises to be there in ten minutes as she had been busy in work. Noor was afraid that their mother would scold her otherwise.
Arjun brings a surprise to Anjana and insists on her to open it. Anjana finds an invitation card for their 35th wedding anniversary. Anjana

wasn’t ready but Harsh insists on her to celebrate. Anjana asks what’s wrong with her, her son isn’t home since last six months and she longs to even hear his voice. She walks into the room. Harsh stops Arjun from following her, their efforts have again failed. Arjun tells Harsh that Aditya took a promise from him to take care of everyone at home, their mom might get clinically depressed if it continues to do. Arjun was upset that everything changed, Aditya left and Sakshi went to US.
Zoya was clearing bills after the event. Zoya gets a call from home and promises reaching in a few minutes and is stuck in traffic. An employer Shaun was shocked to hear her lie and warns she might get caught. Zoya says Mumbai’s traffic and rain are always unpredictable. Soon, their team member comes with Noor on a video call. Zoya tries to hide herself but fails.
Arjun writes an email for Aditya. It’s been six months Aditya hasn’t made any contact with them, Anjana specially is very upset because of him and isn’t even ready to celebrate their anniversary.
Zoya was scolded by her mother for still being at work. Zoya apologizes and promises to reach in time.
Arjun was trying Sakshi’s cell number and was frustrated that she never attends the call in first time. She and Aditya are similar and didn’t even shared their addresses. He wish Sakshi picks up the call, he needs her direly. Sakshi was tied to a chair, her face covered with a cloth piece. Her phone bell rings nearby. She wish she could take the call and tell Arjun what problem she has stuck into.
Zoya returns home and heads towards dinner table. Her mother tells her she has cooked Biryani because Noor wanted. Zoya mentions Waseem’s raised cholesterol and her mother’s high blood pressure. She says she will now cook vegetable for them. Waseem comes with a gift for Zoya and blesses Zoya as it’s a new beginning for her tomorrow. May she get all the love and blessings in life? Noor and Roshaan interfere with the emotional drama and tells them not to cry, else Zoya might get eye bags.
Zoya selects a dress in the room. Noor comes in and finds a fallen eyelash on her face. She insists on Zoya to wish for something. Zoya silently makes a wish and blow the lash hair. Noor insists on her to share what she asked for, Zoya says her wish wouldn’t accomplish. They lay to sleep.
Zoya wakes up due to heavy winds during the night. She thinks its her life’s big day and wish her friend was also here. In the quest to achieve a lot she forgot how and where Aditya might be.

PRECAP: Zoya gets ready for wedding. Aditya was drinking while checking his laptop.

Update Credit to: Sona


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