Ishq Subhan Allah 11th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Kabir and Zara comes home. All are stunned. Zeenat says Zara you left after fulfilling your duty then why you are back? Kabir says I have brought her back, he says to Ayesha that your daughter is back, I have brought her back and I want you all to respect her as your daughter in law, I have decided that she will live here with all respect and honor. Alina hugs Zara and says we were missing you. Miraj says Kabir its good that you decided to not divorce her and your life will be easier so we can work on project easily. Kabir says I havent changed my decision of giving her divorce, we still have 26 days left in second divorce and I have promised to live with Zara till then, he holds Zara’s hand says I should go and take rest. Shahbaz says we have arranged a celebration for you coming

back, Zeenat prepared everything, come and eat. Zara says sorry but Kabir cant eat this, Doctor have asked him to not eat oily and spicy food, you all can celebrate, I will make non-spicy food for Kabir, lets go Kabir. Kabir thanks Zeenat and leaves from there. Zara supports him to go to their room. Zeenat thinks she just has 26 days as a married girl and then her life is destroyed.

Zara and Kabir are in room. Zara asks him to take care and rest. Zara thinks that I am happy he knows his duty, he brought me back, I will fulfill my duty. She says to Kabir that you should become fine as people blame me for your health. Kabir says I dont want to become fine as you can leave then. Zara says you are weird, you want to break the relation and flirt with me too? this way divorce will end. Zara says you wanted to see me smiling? She smiles broadly. He says your smile gave me heart-attack. She laughs. Kabir says poetry that my soul connected with your smile, didnt realize when my life became yours. Zara is surprised to hear it and pushes him away. Zara says you are a drama, take rest, I will bring food for you, poetry was nice, she leaves.

Miraj says to Shahbaz that I thought Zara wont comeback after her insult in inauguration but Kabir brought her back. Shahbaz says he is just fulfilling his duty and ending their days but we cant let them come closer, you keep Kabir so busy in project that he doesnt get time with Zara. He says to Zeenat that you behave nicely with Zara infront of everyone but when alone then you know what to do with her, Kabir wants to make her life beautiful in these 26 days but you both make her life hell and I have a gift for Zara too at the end of these days.

Scene 2
Zara brings non-spicy food for Kabir. Kabir says I wont eat it, its very bland. Zara says you have to eat it for your health. She eats his healthy food. Kabir says why are you eating this? Zara says my mother says that good wives always stand with their husbands. Kabir tastes her dish and sees its his bland food, he asks if he will get sweetdish at the end? She says okay dont make this food, I will give it to you. He says thanks for coming back. Zara says thanks for bringing me back. They smile at each other. Zara goes to bring his sweetdish.

Zara comes in kitchen and says he cant eat sweetdish, he will get ill, I will make sugary food. Zeenat says you cant do much in 26 days. Zara says I will straight many people in these 26 days. I am making kehva for Kabir. Zeenat says make it for yourself too. Zara looks for kehva and asks where is it? Zeenat says I have changed position of this kitchen, you can ask me for anything. Zeenat says days can change to years, you might wont be able to do anything like your sister. Zara finds kehva and smirks at Zeenat.

Kabir is in his room. Zara brings kehva. Kabir says you like to do this with me? I am ill and now you are making me eat all this, you know what sugar will do for me? it will be like water in a desert. Zara says I think you shouldnt dream about things. He sees that she has brought kehva and not sweetdish. Kabir drinks it and says oh God, what is it? Zara says it will make your fever go away and make you stronger. Zara goes to couch. Kabir says you shouldnt sleep there, cant we control ourselves and not touch while sharing a bed? Zara stares at him and says you have changed from the time you have come from hospital, you are talking weirdly. Kabir says I dont want my wife to sleep on couch and you call me weird? Zara sits on bed and says you have been bitten by a flirt bug, he laughs and says dont turn off light as you cant sleep, she says I need to sleep without lights. She switches off lights and goes to sleep. Kabir thinks tomorrow is a new day and we will spend it greatly.

Zara wakes up in morning and doesnt find Kabir in bed. She says where is he? I should pray. She offers prayers. She sees Kabir sitting at table with breakfast. She smiles and says what was the need to do this? I asked you to take rest but you dont listen. Kabir says you made me eat such good food that I didnt want you to make breakfast too, so I made a delicious breakfast. Zara says I will give you medicine after breakfast. She offers him sandwich but he says first you, they both eat it. Zara says its good. Kabir says to Zara that we are going somewhere today. Zara says you cant go anywhere, you have to rest, we will stay at home. Kabir says okay, if you dont want to come then fine but I would have liked if you would come. Zara thinks about it.

Kabir and Zara are in car. Zara asks where are we going? he just smiles at her and acts like his mouth is zipped. She smiles and sees them going to her father’s house. Kabir says lets go.
Irfan is looking at medicine prescription and says Salma gave me a big list. Zara comes there. Irfan is happy to see her and hugs her. He asks where were you? they threw you from that function, you were insulted and I couldnt do anything, forgive your helpless father. Zara says no, dont say that, she hugs him. Kabir comes there. Irfan asks Kabir what he is doing in his house? you know mothers have soft heart but they cant bear people hurting their kids, if Zara’s mother was here then she would have asked you to leave, you have lost right to show your face in this house, I cant bear to see your face much. Zara looks on and says father.. Kabir says no let me. Kabir says to Irfan that I am fulfilling my duty, I am here to say sorry, I know I did a mistake but if God can forgive people then why cant you? forgive me, I am ashamed, very ashamed of myself, you know God likes men who forgive others. Irfan says even if I forgive you, will you be able to do what you should have? Kabir says yes ask for anything. Irfan looks on.

PRECAP- Zara says to Kabir that I have two questions, first question is why did you give me divorce? Kabir says I will answer you that when I give you second divorce. Zara says okay answer my second question that who gave you 1 crore rupees of mahar? Kabir says I dont want to answer that, he leaves. Zara thinks what he is hiding?

Update Credit to: Atiba


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