Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking someone to call ambulance. She recalls Suwarna’s words. Kartik calls Suwarna. Naira answers. He checks the call. She says mum met with an accident. He gets shocked. Akhilesh says don’t think much, everything will be fine. Manish says we will be worried until we get some news. Akhilesh says no news can mean good news. Manish says lets see what happens. Naira calls him. Manish says yes. He gets shocked. Naira holds Suwarna. Kartik comes there and gets shocked. Akhilesh calls Surekha and asks is everything fine there. She asks what do you mean, you mean I fight everywhere I go. He says no, I m coming to pick you, we are leaving for Mumbai, Suwarna met with an accident, don’t tell anyone there, else they will worry. She turns and sees Kirti and Naksh.

Kirti says we met yesterday and were so happy, why does this happen. Naksh says calm down, else how will we support others, we will come along. Kirti says leave Lav and Kush here. Surekha nods. Kartik and Naira get Suwarna to hospital. Kartik gets tensed. Naira tries to hold his hand. He gets away and cleans the blood off his hand.

He says I told dad, not to keep party without mum, Naira do you know how this happened, she left from college, why was she driving, maybe the brakes got failed, she didn’t inform anyone before coming here, I hope she gets well, Naira, ask the doctor to cure my mum, doctor will operate her, I will get the injections, it will hurt her, I will hold her hand, she won’t feel any pain. She says nothing will happen, she will be fine, relax. He hugs her. He says you understand the pain of losing mum. She says I know it well, she will be fine. He says I won’t be able to bear this pain again. Doctor says you have to come with me for formalities, we need to do some tests. Kartik goes. Naira prays. Naitik gives water to Kartik. Suwarna gets treated. Kartik asks doctor to say something. Kartik thinks of Suwarna. He thinks if she didn’t see us, why would she leave in anger, maybe that’s why she met with accident. He sees Naira. Manish and everyone come. Manish hugs Kartik. Naksh hugs Naira. Manish asks did Suwarna see you and Naira together. Kartik says maybe. Suwarna gets conscious. She sees Kartik. Naira holds Kartik and takes him away.

Suwarna shouts Kartik…. Everyone hears her voice and rush to see. Kartik says mum just took my name. Nurse says none of you can go inside, patient got conscious, doctor will check her first. Doctor says she got panic attack again, calm down and take a deep breath Mrs. Goenka, should I call your name, you were taking his name often. He asks nurse to call her son. Nurse sees Kartik. Suwarna says stop, don’t call anyone, I don’t want to meet Manish or Kartik. They ask doctor how is Suwarna. Doctor says she is stable, there is no internal injury, but she is very upset, she is in a state of panic, I won’t permit anyone to meet her until she wishes. Kartik says she took my name, she took my name. Manish says just let him go, she will get fine seeing him. Doctor says sorry, she refused to meet him. They all get shocked.

Kartik goes and cries. Kirti says how will Kartik bear this, Kartik and Suwarna are everything for each other. Naira cries and goes to Kartik. She asks Kartik not to worry, maybe Suwarna meant something else. She turns and sees Surekha. Surekha says maybe Suwarna has seen you two in college, she was upset with you, now she is upset with Kartik, that’s why she didn’t meet him, she is alive just by his support, she didn’t wish to send Kartik to Mumbai, she sent him on Manish’s insistence, she used to stay ill, we know it, its good she didn’t see you here else she would get another panic attack, it will be good if you don’t meet her.

Naitik says enough, what did Naira do that she has to be blamed for everything, Naira didn’t call Kartik to Mumbai, she didn’t admission in that college intentionally, it was a coincidence, Kartik chose that apartment in the society where we were already living, is that Naira’s fault? Kirti says mum chose that flat. Naksh says you have hidden this, we didn’t hide it. Naitik says you can’t blame Naira. Surekha says I didn’t mean it. Naitik says did anyone think about her, she is always blamed when she isn’t at fault. He asks Naira to come with him, Suwarna is fine now, nothing changed in two years, no one wants to move on, I can’t see you like this. He takes Naira.

Suwarna says why did you do this, Kartik. Kartik comes to her. She sees him and turns away. He says don’t ignore me, look at me, please talk to me, I m not going anywhere. She says I m not your mum, I have no relation with you. He says you know what you mean to me. She says you cheated me, you lied to me, why Kartik, everyone kept me in the dark, even my son, my husband, everyone just ignored me, disgusting, I would have tolerated everyone’s mistake or cheat, I can’t tolerate your cheat, why did you do this. He cries.

Suwarna says I don’t need you, go and live with your Naira. He says there is nothing between me and Naira, there won’t be anything. Naira looks on and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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