Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Nandini cries in her room thinking about Kunal’s suggestion to forget about Rajdeep. Rajdeep was always present in Nandini’s thoughts, only she can stop him from haunting her. She thinks she can’t forget Rajdeep easily and wipes her tears when Mauli comes to her room and complains there was no color in her henna. According to the love between Mauli and her, this color must have been black. Nandini cries saying at least Mauli’s henna is complete, and look at hers; the henna, her life and marriage is incomplete. Mauli brings Nandini to sit with her on bed. Nandini tells Mauli she tries a lot but is unable to forget it all, it was good she went with them on an outing, she hadn’t seen this all for many days. Mauli tells Nandini she doesn’t understand the bruises of years would heal

at least in days. When a body is injured, it takes weeks to heal; these are injuries on the soul. It’s good that Nandini is trying to move on, she has made a wish list and wants to live her dreams. She should only be careful not to give any space to Rajdeep in her life again. She must walk step by step to her happiness and she won’t realize when she is completely lively and happy again.
Mauli stood in the balcony upset. Kunal brings tea for her and asks why she is upset. Mauli was concerned for Nandini. Kunal says Nandini if fearful of Rajdeep still today. When he went to the henna stall, she was terrified at the mention of Rajdeep’s name. Mauli says they couldn’t free Nandini from Rajdeep though he is in lockup. Kunal says they can only give Nandini chances to fly, it would be her decision to get herself freed.
The next morning, Mauli calls her mother. Her mother complains why calling her for brunch if she always has to insult her. Mauli was upset. Dida comes outside and asks why Mauli is tensed. Mauli says her mother isn’t coming for brunch. Dida was thankful. Mauli asks why is she happy, though she has tensions with her mother but after all she is a mother. Dida tells Mauli she is dreaming about her date with Dilip Kumar as she plans to watch the movie. She urges Mauli to go on some drive with Kunal is such a pleasant weather, and even take Nandini along. Mauli cheers up at the idea.
In the kitchen, Pramila discuss with Nandini that her mother had a similar marriage like Nandini, her husband beat her daily. Then one day someone suggested her to put off the mangal sooter and free herself. Nandini must do the same. Dida calls Pramilla. Mauli comes to convince Nandini to come on an outing with them.
On their way, Mauli and Kunal recall coming to this recreational point and pass the way every weekend. Kunal remembers this way where they used to enjoy tea in rain, she held his hand for hours and he fed her Vada Pao; she used to stay draped in his jacket. Mauli says she can’t see the tea stall, still can they stop here. Kunal and Mauli come out of the car. Kunal was happy to see the view, they waited whole week to come here on weekends. Mauli insists on Nandini to come out of the car. Nandini was reluctant as it could rain anytime and brings an umbrella with her. There was a heavy wind that blow her umbrella and heavy rain begins to pour. Nandini funs behind the umbrella, then feel the rain over her body. She recalls Mauli’s suggestion to live a life of her dreams and free herself from Rajdeep. She recalls all she had to suffer because of Rajdeep, and Kunal’s suggestion that only he can stop herself from being haunted by Rajdeep’s thoughts. She pulls the mangal sooter from her neck. Kunal and Mauli were happy to see Nandini.
Nandini swirls and dances around in the rain. Mauli jumps out of excitement as Nandini has freed herself. Kunal also laughs watching the traditional dance done perfectly. He watches Nandini intently, then looks away feeling uncomfortable. Nandini finally lay on the grass, breathing happily. Kunal couldn’t take his eyes off her.

PRECAP: Kunal turns with a cup of tea when Nandini comes from behind, the tea fell over his hand. Nandini hurries to take ice water in a bowl and dip his hand into it. Kunal hurries into the washroom and splash water over his face jerking the thoughts of Nandini. He convinces himself that Nandini is only their good friend, what is this all with him?

Update Credit to: Sona


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