Tu Aashiqui 12th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ahaan saying Rangoli got our dream house. Pankti asks her to forget it. Rangoli talks sweetly with her fans. They ask her to sing a song. Uday says she cares for her fans. Ahaan says no, she doesn’t want to sing and fooling her fans. Pankti says no, she will sing, she is a big star. Ahaan says lets bet on it. The manager says please one song, everyone is your fans here. Rangoli says thanks so much for honoring me and giving me free life time membership of your club. He says sure. He tells everyone that Rangoli decided to sing for her fans on public demand. Everyone claps.

Pankti says I won. I told you she will sing, Rangoli likes to shock people, she does the unpredictable. Anita gets insulted by Aparna’s friends and gets upset. She taunts Aparna for it. Rangoli sings

Kamli…… Everyone enjoys her song and dances. A man asks Ahaan to sing as well. Uday sends him. A man dances close to Pankti and jerks her. Pankti stops Ahaan. Ahaan asks him to stay in limit. The men comment on Pankti being a mistress. Ahaan punches the man’s face. Rangoli shouts who interrupted my performance.

Ahaan fights with the men. A man takes a broken bottle to stab Ahaan. Rangoli sends her guards to stop the fight. She looks on. Pankti asks Ahaan are you fine. He asks are you fine. They thank Rangoli and apologize. Rangoli says relax, a star’s shine doesn’t get less by one performance, I know you are Ahaan, you had sung Aashiqui, nice song. He says this is Pankti, my fiancee, she is also a singer. Rangoli signs her secretary. She leaves. Pankti asks Uday is he fine. Uday says yes, I will get the car. Pankti says my past always comes in front of me. Ahaan says I will beat your past so that it never follows you. They look for the package. Pankti says I got that gift with love, it was special.

Ahaan says your every gift will be special. Rangoli sees the gift and smiles. She scolds the driver angrily. Its morning, Vikram tries some designer clothes. Ahaan comes. Vikram makes him wait. Ahaan says I was asking you to launch Pankti. Aparna says its a nice idea. Vikram says we can’t take any chance, we can’t give any chance to Pankti, she should be away from media, else media will call her a mistress again. Poorva asks Pankti to start writing again. Pankti says my past is again catching up. She tells everything and says the world keeps reminding me that I m a mistress. Anita looks on and recalls the insult. She says when we left those bad things, the world is kicking us like a football. Pankti says love gave me everything, we can’t change if people has a narrow mindset, we will change their thinking by music, the world has to accept me as a singer, not a mistress. Anita says you have to decide, if you want love or any control on your life. Pankti says Ahaan’s life will let me control my life. Anita says you will never change. She goes.

Pankti says I don’t want you and Vikram to have any fight. Ahaan says I will talk to Monty about your work. She says no, I want to sing to make my identity, not to become a star.

Update Credit to: Amena


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