Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira saying I decided to part ways with Kartik, I was creating a rift between you two, despite being away, but not anymore, I m divorcing Kartik. She cries and says now nobody will come between you and your son. She goes and sees an old man needing help. She goes to help and drops the envelope there. She sees Kirti. Kirti gets shocked reading the papers and cries. Naira says I took this decision after thinking much, its the right thing. Kirti says no, don’t do this, I can’t accept this, you both lived separately for two years, did anything change, how will it change now, if papers could change emotions…

Naira says emotions changed, that applies to everyone, our relations have nothing left, Suwarna hates me, Kartik can’t hurt me, we should end

these ties. Kartik comes there. Naira says everyone should move on, me, Kartik, everyone, two years passed, how much shall we wait, nothing has happened, despite living in same building and college, hatred and anger were there, these things replaced love, so I have decided this, I want to make a new start now, I came to Mumbai to forget everything, but then Kartik came here, everyone got hopes, but there is no hope from Kartik or my side, only one thing can happen between us, that’s divorce. Kartik looks on. Naira says I got these papers ready so that he can live his life in peace and me too, there won’t be any connection, interference or problem. Kartik gets the papers from Kirti’s hand. He checks it and cries, looking at Naira. Kirti goes.

Kartik and Naira recall their past. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…. He gets the pen. The pen doesn’t work. He hurts his hand while checking the pen ink. She hurts her hand by her nails and cries. He signs the papers. They recall their seven vows. He gives her the papers. They cry. Naira goes. They see their little wounds. Dadi does some puja. Manish says just papers got signed, divorce didn’t happen. Dadi says our hope got shattered, I thought Naira will try to join broken relations, I had kept this puja with this hope and thought of convincing Suwarna, but Naira ruined our hope. Manish says you are just blaming Naira. Dadi says Kartik never initiated the divorce, its not his fault. Naira cries seeing the papers. She gets a corn and applies much chilli over it. She recalls Kartik and eats the chilli corn. She cries and throws the corn away.

She comes home. Naitik, Naksh and Kirti look at her. Naitik asks where are the divorce papers. Naksh says Papa…. Kirti says don’t say anything Naksh, you didn’t tell us before, let Papa talk. Naitik shouts Naira. Naira gives him the papers. He checks Kartik and Naira’s signs and gets shocked. He sees the candle.

Naira says don’t do this, don’t burn the papers. He says you are not in your senses, if you wanted a divorce, why didn’t you wait for two years, when everyone has hope… she says there is no hope. He says why, why did you both do the anniversary arrangements together, why did you invite us in the party, why didn’t you leave the college, why didn’t he leave the building, I know why you took this decision, because of Suwarna’s reaction, it doesn’t matter, relation is of you and Kartik. Naitik and Kirti ask Naira why didn’t he tell them. Naksh says you would have never allowed Naira for this decision, what’s the point of being in a relation which doesn’t give you happiness. Naitik says wasn’t she happy, we have seen them happy together. Naira says you can see just what we show you, just we know the truth.

Naitik says you should have tried more. Naksh asks what can she try, Suwarna hates her, how could she live there, Kartik didn’t support her. Naira says you felt bad of Surekha’s words and got me, same way I left from Kartik’s life. Naitik says there is a difference between leaving a room and leaving from someone’s life. She says when someone is out of heart, nothing matters. He says don’t try to teach me, you aren’t old enough to… she says I m old enough to take my life’s decisions. He gets sad and says I m sorry, I was wrong when I thought my daughter will consult me before taking such a big decision, maybe I m not imp in your life now. She says no. He says its okay, I understand, I won’t make this mistake again, sorry. He goes. Naksh hugs her. They cry.

Naira cries and thinks if my decision is right, why am I so restless, why do I regret. Kartik sees Naira and leaves from the building. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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