Bepannah 16th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Arjun gives a pamphlet to Anjana. She asks him about it. He says it is a Yoga Retreat. You are so stressed since past days. I thought you guys should de-stress a little. You will begin to feel better then. She asks him if that will bring Aditya back. How will we be happy then? He asks her if he isn’t her son too. I spend the day looking for Bhai and see you crying at night. Does my happiness not matter to you? She says don’t say like that. Adi and you are equal for me. He says it does not seem so. Maybe it is a mistake to be a younger kid. You don’t get loved like the first kid. It is true that Bhai and I were never equal for you. You worry for the kid who isn’t before you but you cannot listen to the request of the kid who is with you. I never asked you guys for anything. Just accept

my request this time. Go to this retreat. I am doing this for your happiness. Anjana and Harsh agree. Harsh says I never knew you were so passionate about Yoga. We will go if you want us to. Anjana tells him not to think like this ever again. He smiles. Let’s go then. They go to pack their bags. Arjun smiles. He calls Zoya to tell her that the work is done. She is thrilled. Handle things there and I will handle it here. They both say All the Best to each other. Zoya smiles widely to herself.

Arjun, Harsh and Anjana reach the Yoga Centre. Phones are switched off and submitted at the Reception. Harsh was reluctant but gives in for Arjun’s sake.

Zoya asks Shawn to contact all the media houses and tell them that entire Huda Family has disappeared. Maybe they got kidnapped or something but do use this word Maybe! This word can use us from defamation. Akansha gets the responsibility of spreading this on social media. Everyone seems tensed. Zoya assures everyone that she will take its responsibility if there is any problem. Shawn says we trust you. I will encrypt the files so no one can trace us. She thanks him. We have really less time. Akansha says seems like Zoya Ma’am has become Adi Sir once again. Mithilesh ji is tensed.

Arjun tells Zoya that they have reached the Retreat. Dad agreed to stay only for one night. She assures him that their plan will work by then. He is worried that if her plan fails, Dad will reach her. Zoya is sure Aditya wont be able to hide any longer if he hears this news. They end the call. Mona tells Zoya everything is ready. Shall we? Zoya says I don’t know if it’s right or not but this is the only way to bring Aditya back. She gives a green signal to Mona.

The news spreads like wildfire in news and on social media. Siddiqui’s also see the news. Mrs. Siddiqui say they keep falling in problems one by one. Noor calls Zoya. Your plan worked. Huda’s are on every news channel.

Harsh submits his phone when it beeps. He requests the Receptionist to let him check them once. I will reply and give it back. Arjun does not let him. Harsh heads to his room.

Zoya and her team see the news. Vinod hopes this does not backfire.

Huda’s are busy in the Retreat. Media is stationed outside Huda House.

Kartar asks Aditya to come. Your cab is here. You might miss the flight. His laptop was on. He switches it off before the news could reach him.

Arjun calls Zoya. Did you find anything about Bhai? She denies. The news is viral. It will reach him soon. Arjun is worried that if Aditya wont turn up then there would be a problem. She nods. He is Aditya Huda. He wont come back without a drama! I will call you later. Don’t worry. Arjun and Zoya look tensed.

Zoya and her team keep working on their plan. Zoya falls asleep in the office itself. Next morning, she checks her family’s missed calls. I am dead!

Harsh and Anjana see the news clip. He questions Inspector about it. Inspector says this is what we wish to find out. we had to trace your location using your last call. That’s how we reached you. Harsh calls it a cruel joke. Who can it be – some stranger or our own? Is your cyber crime cell sleeping? You could reach us but not the culprit! Inspector says we will find that out anytime. Trust us. Arjun goes aside and calls Zoya but she does not pick up.

Zoya asks Mona if they find any message from Aditya. Shawn says I am monitoring his Emails also but they are backfiring. Akansha comes running there. Police! Police storms in and asks them if they think they wont be caught. Our cyber cell is very strong. No culprit can escape. Fake news has come from this IP Address only. All systems are checked by Police. Zoya nods at Shawn who stands there tensed. Shawn’s system is tracked down. His name is also mentioned on the computer. Inspector questions him. Do you remember how you were beaten last time? Speak up! Zoya intervenes. I am the one who did all this! I am the owner of this company and I am responsible for whatever happened here. Inspector tells her that she will have to go to jail for committing cyber crime. Lady Constable arrests her. Zoya nods reassuringly at her staff members before she is taken away by the police.

Zoya wonders if Aditya wont return ever.

Precap: Anjana pushes Zoya towards the police. Take her away! Zoya falls in Aditya’s arms. Anjana rushes to him. Aditya keeps looking back at Zoya. She leaves from the house jumping happily to see the family together again.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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