Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Nandini boasts about being a doctor in the kitchen who uses various ingredients for different treatments. Kunal couldn’t reply. Nandini offers to make tea for him, he says he can make it himself. Nandini tells Kunal that Mauli already knows, she already said they are both alike. She can wake for whole night like and owl, and Kunal also sleeps lesser. And like Kunal she can also have tea at any time of night. Kunal says he wants a coffee as he has to work right now.
The next morning, Mauli and Kunal were having breakfast. Mauli says she already miss Mamma and wish she returns soon. Kunal was sure she won’t bear Prerna for long. Mauli stuffs her mouth with the breakfast and wish him luck for the meeting. Mauli says she has an international surgery and has to hurry to office. Nandini

was worried if she was going abroad but Mauli says she participating in a complicated surgery in New York through video calling. Nandini appreciates Mauli but Mauli tells Nandini that Kunal is worth appreciating, he has a meeting with the minister to arrange medical camps for slums and under privilege children. She kiss Kunal’s cheeks and leaves. Kunal doesn’t have breakfast and leaves into the room still stressed because of Nandini. Dida calls then.
Kunal comes to Dida who complained about her nonfunctional wheel chair. Dida says it’s her younger sister Beeni’s birthday, she has to pray before the day and needs to take a bath. She was angry over Pramilla for not reaching in time. Kunal tells her not to bathe alone, and wait for Pramilla. Nandini comes to the room and offers Dida her help in her bath as she wants Dida to celebrate her sister’s birthday in time.
After the bath, Dida complements her hair bangs. She advices Nandini to always take care of the friendship bond she and Mauli share. Kunal comes and was about to begin with his lecture, Dida says Nandini was there when she bathed. Kunal thanks Nandini. They come out near the temple. Nandini goes to prepare ‘Bhoag’. Dida requests if she can prepare Besan k Laddu? Nandini stands there annoyed. Dida then orders her to prepare Besan k Laddu. Nandini goes towards the kitchen happily. Kunal convinces Dida that Nandini is only a guest and Mauli’s friend. Dida complains Pramilla must have cooked Laddu as hard as stones. She asks Kunal to sit nearer and inquires what happened to him? Kunal murmurs he has fallen astray. Dida reminds Kunal that Mauli is Kunal’s life, she has owned this house and they have owned her. Everyone in life has to leave one day, but the time we spend today must be spent happily. Kunal turns to leave. Nandini and Dida stop him for Prasad but he was in a hurry.
Mauli returns home early as she was eager to talk to Kunal about his meeting. She gets a call from Kunal who was excited that his project got a green light. He inquires about Mauli’s surgery who says it was super exciting. They decide to celebrate. Kunal says he has bought two tickets for concert, and they will later have dinner. Nandini was excited as well to hear about celebration and offers to prepare Biryani. Mauli says they are going out for dinner, then offers Nandini come along them. Dida also comes to force Nandini go for an outing. Kunal’s mood was off when Mauli calls him about Nandini.
Nandini comes to Mauli in the room and asks if she should wear what she has already worn? Mauli says she looks pretty in everything. Nandini selects a saree from the wardrobe and asks Mauli to wear it. Mauli wasn’t ready to carry a saree, and insists on Nandini to wear it instead.
Kunal was waiting for the ladies. Nandini appears at the entrance. She was hit by a man and had her back towards Kunal when he looks on. Kunal recognizes the saree as the one he gifted Mauli in Diwali, he was happy that she got ready for him. His excitements vanishes when Nandini turns to face him. Kunal wonders where Mauli is.
Nandini walks towards Kunal. He asks about Mauli. Nandini was about to explain when Kunal gets a call from Mauli. Mauli says there wasn’t any parking and there is also a work call, she will take only ten minutes. She convinces them to go inside as they are both huge fans of Sufi music. Kunal agrees and moves inside with Nandini. Mauli calls the drafter of Kunal’s clinic’s blueprints. Kunal and Nandini come to the hall, they keep a seat for Mauli in between. The anchor begins asking everyone in the hall to hold hands of their partners whom they surely love.

PRECAP: A kinner stops Kunal and Nandini’s call and complements their couple to be beautiful. He prays they live whole of their life together.

Update Credit to: Sona


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