Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being with Suwarna. Kartik asks them to go, he is with mum. Manish says you go, I will be with her. Dadi takes Kartik and goes. Suwarna says I don’t want to talk to you. Manish says I can’t tell you anything, even I shouldn’t talk, you may get offended and leave in the car, I didn’t expect this from you, you should have realized that when someone dies, he goes away but the people whom he leaves behind, suffers everyday, you refused to talk to me, will we end talking, fine I will go, you be with your son, if you love your son, just don’t make things worse, if this happens, I will be sitting in the car, not you. Naira and Kartik cry. Yeh rishta kya…..plays… Naitik holds Naira. Dadi holds Kartik.

Naitik says daughters grow, but

fathers never grow, I can’t leave you alone. Naira hugs him. Kartik says I couldn’t think Naira would do this. Dadi says even I didn’t imagine this, don’t let this bother you so much that you get stuck in this problem. Naira says sorry, I know you aren’t happy with my decision, it was best at that time. Naitik says only our heart knows what’s right, all I know is that, when people make right decisions, they sleep peacefully, they don’t sit alone and cry this way.

Naira and Kartik stay sad. Naira records an audio message, that she has taken the decision for everyone, not just for herself, but dad is right, why is my heart restless, why do I regret it, I didn’t experience much pain even during those two years when we were away, don’t know what’s going on, is this decision wrong. The audio message gets sent to Kartik. She tries to delete it and finds it seen. He goes out and sees Kartik. She asks did you get the message. He says yes, I was coming to tell you….you won’t be able to get rid of me, no matter how much you try, I won’t divorce you, we can stay away being far, but not getting separated. She hugs him. She sees him gone and cries. She goes. Kartik comes to her door and says no, I can’t hear her message, don’t know what she said, maybe I can’t tolerate. He returns from her door. Yeh rishta kya….plays….

Its morning, Kartik gets his bag. Naira sees him. Chukar gai….plays…. They see their old selves asking them to patch up. He goes. Naira asks the servant is Suwarna fine, did she come home. He says yes. She asks is everyone going back. Dadi asks why do you care, I had hope on seeing you here, I felt you also want to reconcile, but you broke it for once and all, you got divorce papers made, why did you wait for two years, why are you deceiving us by showing your fake concern, I don’t want your worry and sympathy, we all are there to manage Kartik and Suwarna. Naira says Dadi, I…. Dadi stops her and goes.

Surekha asks what, you want to come home during mid terms. Mansi says yes, I m missing you all, you go reach Udaipur, I will come. Surekha ends call and says I m worried for Mansi. Dadi comes and says I calmed my heart, I met Naira and scolded her. Suwarna recalls listening to Naira’s decision. Dadi says Naira didn’t think for Kartik. Kartik comes. Suwarna looks on and goes out to Naira’s flat. She is about to ring the bell. Kartik stops her and says no need to say anything, everyone is free to take own decisions, come with me, lets go home. He takes her. Naira comes out. She thinks to go upstairs once. Kritika asks where is Kartik going, are you not sad, we shall go and bid him farewell. Naira says no, you go. Kritika goes. She asks Kartik will he forget her. He says no, you are my first friend here. She asks and Naira? You call me, don’t forget, take care. Naira runs downstairs. Kartik sits in the car. Kartik leaves. Naira comes there. Kritika says you got late, he just left. Naira runs after the car and sees him leaving.

Naitik says you didn’t tell me that you are taking help from Manish. Naksh says where were you, you just paid attention to Naira, you didn’t bother about me. Naira looks on and thinks Naksh suffered because of me, I have to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena


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