Bepannah 17th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Harsh tells Anjana not to worry. I wont spare the one who is behind this. Let me find out once. I will make sure he rots in jail forever. Anjana too fails to understand who it could be. Arjun tries to say something when Inspector walks in with Zoya. He tells them that she is responsible for spreading this news. Huda’s are stunned.

Arjun again tries to say something but Anjana claps for Zoya. Amazing! I cannot say anything else. You dint forget to take your revenge after 6 months. She stops Arjun from saying anything. Earlier my one son was following you blindly and now my second son is doing the same! What magic did you weave on my kids that they aren’t listening to me at all? My son has not returned to home from the past 6 months because of you! I haven’t seen him since then. I have lost my

sleep, my happiness all because of you! Arjun fails in trying to make her understand anything. Anjana tells Zoya that her husband will create a very strong case against her and that she will rot in jail her entire life! Harsh tells her not to create a drama. There are more people around. She does not relent. Arjun ends up sharing that he was also involved in this plan. If she is a culprit then so am I! We dint commit a big crime. We were only trying to bring Bhai back. Punish me as well if you wish to punish Zoya. Anjana looks at him in disbelief. What has happened to you? You are with this girl in her idea to insult us? Zoya says I dint wish to insult your family ever. That wasn’t my intention in the past and this isn’t my intention now. I too have missed my friend a lot in the past 6 months. My only motive was to make this news reach Aditya and come running here! Anjana is angry with her retorts. Take her away. She will be fine in jail only. Arjun says I just told you that I was with her in this plan. Why only she then?

Anjana pushes Zoya towards the police. Take her away! Zoya falls in Aditya’s arms. Title track plays as she looks at him in surprise. You are back? Our plan worked! Aditya is back! He looks at her in confusion. Plan?

Anjana rushes to Aditya. You are back! She hugs him tight. How are you? He wipes her tears. Is this how you will welcome me back? Arjun hugs his brother. Aditya looks at his father. Arjun says I tried to find you so much. You are back and that’s important. Anjana and Arjun take him inside while Zoya looks on at them with a broad smile. Harsh is also overwhelmed. Inspector asks Harsh about the case. Harsh withdraws all the charges. We got our son back! Police frees Zoya. Song plays in the background as Aditya and Zoya look at each other.

Aditya keeps looking back at Zoya whereas Anjana keeps turning his attention back at them. Zoya leaves from the house jumping happily to see the family together again. Aditya hugs his mother. His attention is focused on the door.

Zoya returns home and finds her father upset. wasim asks her what she is doing. We were celebrating here for the award you got. We were happy thinking you grew up and are growing in life. Why cant you see your family happy? Why did you have to keep any relation with Huda’s? Why did you do this? You would have been back in jail if Aditya hadn’t returned. Zoya says I knew he would come. I only wanted to help Arjun and his family. I know my plan was a little wrong but the intention was good. He tells her to keep her feelings aside. Why don’t you understand that the closer you get to that family, the more problems we will go through in life? Stay away from them! Zoya requests him not to be upset with her but in vain. He walks away upset followed by his wife. Noor looks down.

Anjana does aarti of Aditya. I know how I have spent every single day without you. He jokes that now only K3G’s title track is left to be played. She hits him on the head playfully. Aditya notices Arjun sad. I should be upset. Who jokes like that about their own family? Arjun says what about what you did. You dint leave any message or any news. You just left! I left messages for you daily. Ma was only worried about you and Dad only kept visiting lawyer and detectives’ offices. Anjana stops him. He is back now. Where were you though? Harsh suggests her to let him freshen up. We will send your dinner in your room. Aditya wants to have dinner with his family. Harsh hugs him.

Zoya scolds Noor for telling Abbu everything. You are like this since childhood! Why did you tell him everything? Noor smiles. I dint tell him everything. I dint tell him about Arjun yet. Zoya taunts her on that. Abbu will be really proud of you then right? Noor notices her eyelash and asks her to ask for a wish. Zoya says my friend is back. I don’t need to ask for a wish anymore. Noor smiles. They share a happy hug.

Harsh notices Anjana smiling. So this is how you smile! She smiles happily. I finally feel we are happy again. She promotes the new serial Roop. It is an auspicious day. We got Cheeku back. It’s all because of our Arjun. Harsh corrects her. It was Zoya not him. Anjana tells him not to take her name. My mood is spoiled. I agree she did this but it does not mean I will trust her. the farther she stays away from me and Aditya the better. She is a wound in Aditya’s life. Harsh tries to say something but she lies down to sleep.

Aditya asks someone to book tickets for him. Call me once done. Arjun comes there with ice cream. Aditya tells him he has grown up. I don’t eat ice creams. Arjun turns to leave but Aditya asks him to sit. He asks about Pooja’s Mom. Arjun tells him everything. She left for US. Her friend stays there. Aditya is confused. She never told me about it. Arjun tries Sakshi’s number but gets no response. Arjun says she always does this in the first call. She calls back eventually. Aditya asks him how he and everyone is. Arjun says it is bad. Dad stays worried always. It is their 35th anniversary. He will celebrate now that you are here. Aditya thinks how to tell him that he will stay here only for a few days.

Precap: Zoya is buying flowers for less amount when a guy with a hoodie runs away with the flowers. He pays double amount to the vendor. Zoya chases him down. She smiles seeing his face and hugs him tight. Aditya hugs her back.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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