Bepannah 18th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Aditya and Arjun speak of their parents’ anniversary. Aditya suggests giving that responsibility to Zoya. Arjun tells him that Anjana will not like it. She does not want to keep any relation with Zoya or Zosh. Aditya asks him if the idea to spread fake news was Zoya’s idea. Arjun nods. She has changed a lot. She used to scold me when I used to do so that too in pure Urdu! Arjun smiles. That’s why you used to call her Ghalib. Aditya asks him how he knows it. Arjun says I am your brother. I keep an eye on things even when you don’t tell me to.

Next morning, Zoya is in the market. She makes a bouquet herself and bargains with the vendor for the amount. The vendor argues with her in local language. She starts correcting him on it when a guy wearing a hoodie pays the vendor the amount

of his choice and runs away with the flowers. Zoya starts chasing the hoodie guy. Aditya stops for a moment to catch his breath and glances back at Zoya. He recalls how she had chased him on their first meeting in Mussorie. He resumes running so as to avoid getting caught. She smartly takes an alternative cut to catch him (she hasn’t seen his face till now). She finally catches him red handed and turns him around to look at her. Aditya smiles at her. Zoya is surprised to see Aditya. She thinks of their first meeting and repeats the same words back at him. What’s this? He says I came back after so long. There has to be some fun. Will only you trouble me? She hits him with the same flowers. I troubled you? You were the one who troubled everyone. You troubled your family and me! Who does that for 6 months? You have done PhD in P&P (Pareshani and Pagalpan). He reminds her that people are watching them. Video will be viral. She does not mind. He holds his ears upon her askance and says sorry. Shall I do sit-ups now? She shakes her head sweetly and hugs him tight. Sweet music plays in the background. She gives the flowers to him. Welcome back. Shall we go to office now? Everyone is eager to meet you.

Aditya meets all the staff members. They are curious to know where he was and what all he did. Zoya tells them to let him answer too. She also reminds everyone to finish their pending work. We will then go out for lunch together. Aditya will treat us. Everyone claps happily. Aditya tells Zoya she could have asked him once. She says this is your punishment. Why should I ask? She takes him to her cabin and asks about his Paris trip. She keeps talking nonstop and he is lost for few moments. You have changed so much. You have changed the place and lot many things here. She thanks him. He says I thought you will give me some credit too. I saw you doing that live before everyone. She is surprised to know that he saw it. He nods. I wasn’t so far that I would not keep track of anyone. I went to find myself. She asks him if he missed her. He says what if I say no. She says I will catch you lie then. He smiles. Why do you ask when you know it already? They both smile. He asks her to arrange his parents’ anniversary party. She is hesitant because of Anjana but he insists. This is the perfect time. You have the resources too. Please help me. She agrees but keeps a condition. He says yes to it without even listening to it. She makes him promise that he will never disappear like this ever again. He ends up promising her. He has made a cross in his other hand. She accepts his contract. She goes aside to attend a call. Aditya looks at his other hand. He receives a call but does not pick it up.

Zoya begins to talk to him about the party but finds him lost. He excuses himself to make a call. Aditya goes in another cabin and postpones the ticket.

Zoya tells everyone about the new contract. Staff members are thrilled at the idea. They get busy with the work. Aditya looks at her.

Aditya calls Sakshi but gets no response. Sakshi is tied to a chair. Anjana brings milkshake for him. He tells her that he isn’t a kid anymore. She says you are still a kid for me. In fact, those memories are the most beautiful moments of my life. You got upset with me after that! He says sorry to her. I know you are hurt because of what I did but I had no other option. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to stay in a place where there are no memories, where I know no one. She tells him it is ok. Apologies don’t exist between a kid and a mother. I now know that you wont leave me ever again. She gets up to go when he asks her about Sakshi. Why did she leave suddenly? Anjana says she left because of me. I don’t want to lie to you. I broke down completely when you left. I took it out on Sakshi. I said so much to her. I tried to call her back but she isn’t listening to me. You can ask Arjun. He tried a lot too but she isn’t coming back. You are back home now. Call her. She might come back. He says I understand. I am here. She will come for sure. They bid each other good night. Aditya looks at her phone. Why is Ma not calling back? He tries Sakshi’s number again but Sakshi only looks at her phone helplessly. He decides to keep trying her number till she picks up. Someone disconnects it and calls Aditya back.

Aditya is surprised to hear Sakshi taking his full name. She never did that. That lady refuses to return to Huda house. I am happy here. That home was not my home. That family wasn’t mine. I wont return. Aditya requests her again but she stays put. He invites her for the anniversary party but that lady keeps saying the same thing. She ends the call. Aditya thinks she is really upset. Don’t know what Ma said to her.

Aditya gets a call from someone and agrees to come right away.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya are eating ice cream. He notices some ice cream around her lips and tells her. She is holding an ice cream in each of her hands. Aditya wipes it clean.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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