Zindagi Ki Mehak: Shourya To Support Mehek; Opposes Yuvaraj!

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show that Shaurya will soon come to know the big truth about his father’s evilness and he will join Mehek in her fight against Yuvraaj. So far, viewers have seen that Shaurya has been against Mehek as he thinks that she has wrongly accused his father of trying to kill coach. However, it will now be seen that Shaurya will get a strong evidence which will prove to him that Yuvraaj is the one who has done coach’s accident. Shaurya will apologize to Mehek for not believing her and he will help her to fight against Yuvraaj. However, Yuvraj will now have the support of Svetlana as Svetlana will be determined to kill Mehek. Yuvraaj and Svetlana have a common enemy Mehek and they will try every possible evil trick to kill her.

On the other hand, Shaurya will recall his past life and will remember how Svetlana has killed him and Mehek. Shaurya and Mehek will have to fight against the joint evil force of Yuvraaj and Svetlana and therefore their battle will not be easy. Will Mehek end up losing her life once again because of evil Svetlana?




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