Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira praying in the same temple. They hold the bell together and see each other. A lady passes by. Naira falls over Kartik’s side. His forehead tilak gets in her maang. Mangalam….plays…. He asks have you left Mumbai, did you come with Naitik, what about your college. She says it doesn’t matter now and goes. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Naira cries. A lady sprinkles water. It falls over Naira’s maang. Devyaani sees Naira and asks what’s this tika on your forehead, come. Naira thinks I have managed with much difficulty, if my heart keeps breaking, I will break too. Dadi says why did they call us to meet today. Surekha says if we miss good alliance, we will regret. Suwarna says if its bad and we hurt, we will regret. They argue.

Kartik says lets focus on the work for which we came here. Mansi holds his hand.

Rukmani asks Naira to manage everything, the family should be equal to us, Anmol doesn’t know anything. Nandini says two people should have met them, why did we all come. Bhabhimaa says yes. Rukmani says I would easily handle everything, Anmol didn’t say anything and told Naira. Kirti says he didn’t say name and said its a surprise, lets meet them and see. Both the families see each other. Mansi greets Anmol. She says he is the guy. They all get shocked. Rukmani says I found my brothers, I m so happy today, I was waiting for Raksha bandhan to tie Rakhis to you, we were worried for Anmol’s inlaws, its our family, they are good, we accept this proposal. She hugs Dadi and Mansi. She says Anmol, I m very happy, your choice is great.

Naira says let them speak. Kartik says we can sit and talk. Surekha says Mansi, you should have told us about the family. Suwarna asks did you start hiding things, did you forget this habit can just hurt others, you have seen everything. Kartik says its no use to talk about this. Nandini says your family has an old habit to hide things, Akhilesh and Mansi have hidden about Akshara’s…. Naira stops her. Suwarna asks shall we forget your son’s doings, remember what he did with Pungi. Manish asks what are you saying. Suwarna says who will get daughter married to this boy. Mansi says Anmol has changed, he told me that he regrets for that incident. Rukmani says she is right.

Dadi says Mansi is young to trust anyone, let us talk. Nandini says you mean Anmol changed Mansi’s mind. Dadi asks when did I say. Rukmani says they both are adults and want to marry, right. Akhilesh asks where did you meet. Anmol says we met in the US, through a friend. Mansi says I took the first step, not Anmol. Naira says it will be easier to decide if we talk of present. Kartik says we shall focus on their alliance. Dadi says we can’t talk about this. Mohit says I wish they told us before, time would have not got wasted. Suwarna says this alliance won’t take place. Nandini says we also don’t want to have any relation with you, you know what you have done. They all leave. Anmol and Mansi see each other. Suwarna says we don’t have to make any more relations with them. Surekha asks will you decide everything, you spoilt everything. Suwarna asks was I the one who stopped this. Dadi asks them to stop it now. Akhilesh asks them to come home and talk. Mansi says I won’t come home, nobody cares for me, what has happened to our family, we went for my alliance and spoke such things. Surekha says you don’t start now, did you just get that family in the entire world. Akhilesh says talk at home. Suwarna asks where is Kartik.

Dadi says he is not a kid, come, he will come. Kartik says I didn’t expect this from mansi and Anmol. Naira says maybe they were scared, our relation is the reason that their relation didn’t happen, I m not taking Anmol’s side. He says I know you love Mansi equally. She says Anmol changed over the years, maybe Mansi was the reason, Anmol met Pungi and apologized to her, Nandini told this to me. He says maybe, but I need to be sure about him, Mansi is smart but still…. Bhabhimaa asks why did you say that Nandini says they did wrong with Naira, can’t I tell them. Bhabhimaa says think about Kirti and Naksh. Devyaani says Nandini did right, someone has to show mirror to Suwarna, she blames Naira for everything. Naitik says we have to think about Mansi and Anmol.

Devyaani says yes, both did mistake, but Mansi was forgiven, Naira was punished, leave Suwarna, others in that family can explain each other. Manish asks Suwarna to forget it and think about Naira, she has forgiven Mansi in her mum’s case. Suwarna says Mansi was young, that was an accident, Naira did this on purpose, I will say this till I m alive, when I die, you do whatever you want. He says I can explain to you what’s right and wrong, even if that will separate us. He goes. Kartik and Naira get calls from lawyers. Sharma says I have spoken to Singhanias lawyer, we can meet them in evening. Naira asks evening. Lawyer says yes, we can start the proceedings. Naira says it was lawyer’s call. Kartik says we have to meet them in evening. They get sad. Maine socha bhi……plays…. Garland falls over them. They remove the garland and go other ways.

Kartik’s umbrella flies off in the rain. Kartik and Naira hold the same umbrella and go to the lawyer’s office. Yeh rishta…plays….

Update Credit to: Amena


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