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Zindagi Ki Mehak 19th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Shaurya and Mahek are in the boxing ring. Shaurya slips. Mahek says you lost even before I started the attack. She leaves.
Shaurya comes after Mahek and asys why so much attitude he pulls her hand and her sleeve is torn. Everyone laughs. Shaurya says listen I am sorry. Trust me. This wasn’t my intention. A girl says off shoulder. Feeling so hot. Everyone laughs. Mahek leaves. Karan says well done Shaurya she will lose for sure. Mahek coems to boxing ring and cries. she recalls what happened. Sharma gives her coat. He says don’t cry. They wanna make you angry and weak. You will keep your anger in so you can take it out on right time.

Mahek comes to canteen and pulls Shaurya out. He says what are you doing. She shoves him in the garden. Mahek punches him. Shaurya holds

her hand and pulls her. Mahek kicks him. Mahek beats him. He fights back. It starts raining. Principal says stop it both of you. They stop Mahek and Shauyra. principal how dare. Come to my room.
Karan calls Yuvraj and tells him everything.
Mahek says they didn’t leave me any choice. Mahek says he tore my shirt. Yuvraj comes and says its the mistake of system. Your college admission process can’t see who are you admitting in college. You have to suspend her or I will file a case against college. Shaurya says dad please. Yuvraj says she said she will kill Shaurya. Mahek says I wanted to teach him a lesson. He did wrong. I never said anything like that. Shaurya says either keep her or get the case filed. Mahek is in tears.

Principal takes out Mahek’s file and says I am sorry but I have to take a step this time. I am rusticating mahek from this college. Mahek says I didn’t do anything. Shaurya says shut up. Sharma says you will always be disgusting. Yuvraj says this hasn’t ended here. Mahek leaves.
Sharma comes to Mahek and says I asked you to keep your calm. This is what they wanted. Now yo will go to village with me. Mahek is crying. Suvetlana’s thugs come there and see Mahek. Suvetlana says attack her when I ask.
Shaurya comes and says mahek.. she says stay away from me.

Mahek is crying. she says Shaurya won. Suvetlana says to her thugs its the time.
Precap-Suvetlana says kill her. Shaurya calls Mahek. she picks phone but thugs attack her. Mahek screams. Shaurya says what happened? He rushes towards her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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