Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Nandini set the flowers in the vase. Mauli asks if she wants to keep them in the house. Nandini says why punish flowers? They can throw them if they have a problem. Nandini walks inside. Kunal and Mauli tells Pramilla to throw the flowers out. Dida forbids them, Nandini wants to keep them, these are her flowers and decision should be hers as well.
At night, Nandini lay in her bed thinking about Rajdeep and his apology. Dida comes to Nandini’s room. She tells Nandini that the reason behind flowers is more beautiful than flowers themselves. Rajdeep sent her a sorry, he might have changed after living away from her and in jail. Nandini tells Dida that Rajdeep isn’t an easy person. Dida advices Nandini that if someone is repenting and apologizes to you, you must give him another chance.

Nandini asks what if he has changed. Dida says there is a possibility, but to realize than she will have to give him another chance. If these flowers are true, she must forgive him. She tells her to sleep now instead of overthinking. They turn to go towards Dida’s room when Dida stops Kunal. She says she adviced Nandini to forgive Rajdeep, if she did alright? Kunal doesn’t give any consent, he asks them to sleep instead as its really late.
In the room, Kunal carries Dida to bed. Dida asks if she gave the right suggestion. Kunal says they must not advice anything to Nandini, she might abide by Dida out of respect. Kunal comes out and thinks about talking to Nandini. He hears Nandini’s phone ringing in the room. Nandini takes the call, it was Rajdeep. He asks if she received the flowers. Nandini replies she got it. Mauli comes out to Kunal. Kunal looked worried, he tells Mauli that Dida advised Nandini to give Rajdeep another chance. Mauli and Kunal knocks at Nandini’s door. Nandini cuts the call. Mauli asks if it was Rajdeep’s call. Nandini likes it was her aunt. Kunal wonders why Nandini is lying. He wonders if Nandini really thinks about returning to Rajdeep. Mauli speaks to Nandini that Dida spoke to her about Rajdeep but she doesn’t know Rajdeep well, maybe people weren’t as bad in her times. She shouldn’t think about Rajdeep and not even keep a contact with him.
The next morning, Mauli opens the door. Mamma stood outside. Mauli cheers watching her there and calls everyone out. Dida calls from inside if the dyan is back again? Mamma says her voice is really high, she seems healthy. Mauli says Nandini takes great care for her. Mamma asks Pramilla to bring her suitcase. Mauli cheers about gifts. Mamma gifts a saree to Nandini. She then gives Mauli a Silver Suhag Thaal. Mauli cheers about it and says they will now celebrate Teej together. Nandini recalls when she decorated silver thaal Rajdeep insulted her for spending too much money, he threw it on the floor and harassed her for all the drama she created. She was weepy.
Later, Pramilla receives a parcel for Nandini and brings it to her. Nandini accepts the parcel. Dida calls Pramilla. Nandini finds a silver suhag thaal and a note in the parcel. Rajdeep wrote that she is a nice woman, he has realized he isn’t worth presenting a thaal to her but he believes she would surely pray with it. If she gives him another chance he would wipe off all the bad memories and make new ones for them. Nandini hides the thaal in a wardrobe.
Kunal wonders what Nandini must have decided? Mauli and Mamma come to leave. Mauli suggests about not discussing the matter with Nandini today, she might feel uncomfortable. Nandini comes to ask them take her as well. Mamma agrees. In the car, Kunal wonders if Nandini wants to pray for Rajdeep in the temple.
Nandini wanders around the temple happily. Mamma asks her to come along but Nandini asks them to go, she wants to see the temple from inside. She comes to a corner and prays for help, she is confused to give Rajdeep a chance or not. One of the path takes her to happiness and independence, the other one leads to character. Which one must she chose? She opens her eyes to find Kunal stand in front of her, the temple bells ringing.

PRECAP: Kunal tells Nandini she is falling weak, she must do anything thoughtfully. They leave the decision over Nandini now. Rajdeep arrives in the temple and looks towards Nandini skeptically.

Update Credit to: Sona


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