Bepannah 23rd July 2018 Episode Written Update

Aditya is trying to apply ice pack to his wound when Zoya asks him if he is done trying. Remove your tshirt. I will apply medicine. He tells her he will do it but she says you used to remove your shirt / tshirt on every little matter. Back then you used to remove it to trouble me and aren’t doing it now when I am asking you to remove it. She makes him sit down and asks for first aid kid. He tells her. She says your Ammi is upset with me. I told you this plan is not good but you don’t listen to me. He assures her that she will be happy after the party. She stumbles upon his and Pooja’s photo. He notices the photo frame in her hand. She compliments the photo. Pooja’s taste was really good in sarees. She takes out the first aid kid. You haven’t removed your tshirt by now. He offers to do it but

she gives up. You tried but it dint happen. He accepts he cannot win from her. She says thank you and helps him remove his tshirt carefully.

She tells him it will burn a little. He shifts in his place as she applies solution to it. She blows on it to ease his pain. Your mother will say so much if she sees us in this condition. He says she gets upset as she loves / cares for me. She nods. I understand but now there will be sparks between both of us. Be prepared. He is certain she will win her heart one day. She is hard from outside but is soft from inside. Zoya remarks that she is soft only for her sons. Aditya advises her to try once. I am sure you will pacify her well. We will manage her together on and off. He looks at her and she smiles.

Aditya says I feel as if I am telling my wife ways to win my mother’s heart. She laughs along. It felt just like that. Zoya applies ointment on his wound and blows on it. Aditya watches her do so in the mirror. Romantic tune is playing in the background. Zoya notices him glancing on her and he looks away. She says sorry to him as he winces. He says it dint hurt so much. She says sorry again for hurting his mother. I will surely win your mother’s heart one day for sure. She wont forget the party ever. He asks her if she knows that the old Zoya would have run away by now. She gives him credit for teaching how to be brave. Wasim shouts for Zoya. Zoya panics hearing his voice.

Wasim asks Harsh about Zoya. He says she came here on her own. We dint cage her. Anjana suggests taking her with them. We would be thankful. Wasim says why you gave her the event of your anniversary if that’s what you think about her. Harsh tells him to ask Zoya only. She is here. Zoya requests her Abbu not to speak like that to her client. Her Ammi says sorry. Wasim says sorry for letting her choose to work and do what she wants. Dint you find any other place in the world to work? Could you not get any other contract or client? Are you helpless to work here? She says it isn’t so. She turns to Huda’s. I apologize to you on behalf of Abbu. Anjana is about to retort but Harsh stops her. He tells Wasim that they both agree that Zoya should not be here. It would be great if you take Zoya from here. Aditya asks him what Zoya’s fault in this is. Harsh says her Abbu does not wish that she work here. Aditya reasons that she isn’t a kid. She has some professional commitments. Ask her too. She decides to go with her parents. She looks at Aditya as she walks out of the house.

Noor is eating chips. How was your lunch? She notices everyone’s faces. Wasim begins to say something when Zoya advises her to apologize to Huda’s. Everyone is taken aback. Wasim asks her if she is in her senses. Zoya replies that that was her client’s house. You intervened in my work. Wasim asks her if she think him to be an illiterate to meddle in her affairs. Have I ever done something like that in the past? They are Huda’s. There must be some reason behind their contract. She calls it a lie but he stays put. I will make you understand. It is my right.

Harsh and Anjana are happy that Zoya finally left their house. Harsh is sure Wasim wont let her return here ever. Anjana fears that Zoya has become an addiction to Aditya. The more we try to keep her away from Aditya the closer she comes! They notice Aditya at the door and go quiet.

Zoya tells her Ammi she wont eat. I have to go back to my work. I took a contract which I must complete. It is called professionalism. Her Ammi says why you both try to talk through me whenever you both argue. Zoya says I am not interested in fighting but I have very less time. I must go. Wasim says tell her that I also don’t enjoy fighting with her but both the daughters have become too independent these days. I just gave an advice that the plan can backfire but she wont pay any heed. Zoya says I heard what he said but I must have thought of something too. Why is he being stubborn? He calls it smartness. His wife complains that Zoya suddenly became my daughter. She also asks Zoya to speak to her father directly. Zoya asks her father to let her go. This is just an assignment with me. We will go separate ways after work. He asks her why only with Huda’s. She says it is a contract that I have signed. How to break it? Please let me go. I want you permission. I do not wish to upset you. He allows her to go but keeps a condition. Zoya looks at him.

Aditya tells his parents that Zoya messaged that they are coming back. You guys were talking about Zoya right? Anjana lies that they were talking about Sakshi but Aditya says I heard Zoya’s name. Harsh also covers up. We are sure she will come but we cannot be certain. We feel she does not wish to come back at all. Aditya thinks this is what I have started fearing as well. Let’s solve today’s problem first. Zoya should come.

Wasim asks Zoya to meet his friend’s son. I want to fix your alliance with him. She is stunned. Noor questions her Abbu but he tells her to come in between when it concerns her. Zoya tells her father she does not wish to marry. I am not ready. He tells her to meet him atleast. I am not asking you to marry him tomorrow itself. Spend some time with him. I am sure you wont say no then. He leaves it on her to choose / decide. She is in a fix.

Precap: Zoya and Aditya are sitting on the terrace. He is talking about his mother’s preferences when her phone rings. Aditya asks Zoya to pick the call. It is some Arshad. She remembers her father’s condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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