Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 23rd July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kritika coming to her office. Batra offers her a gift. Kritika is surprised. Vikas says he has already sent LCD TV for you to your home. Kritika asks why? Vikas says Batra is very happy with you. Malishka says I saw you talking to Ranbir. Kritika says I tried to make him understand. Malishka tells Kritika that Ranbir called her after she left and agreed for out of court settlement. She says we will get what we wants. Vikas asks what do you tell him. Kritika says she doesn’t understand. Vikas says Ranbir has agreed to molest Malishka. Malishka says he has confessed. She asks Kritika to accompany her when she goes to meet Ranbir. Ishani asks Jiana what she shall wear and shows her dresses. Jiana helps her select a dress and says you are pretty and everything looks good on you. Ishani

asks if her heart broke? Jiana says yes and tells that she likes Ranbir, but he likes Kritika. Ishani says it is necessary to know if the guy you love, loves you too. Jiana says I am happy for you. Ishani says I will go and change. She calls Akki and calls him in Taj. She says I told everything to mom. Akki says so soon. Ishani says she is not that type of girl. Akki asks what was her reaction? Ishani says she was very happy and tells that Jiana is sad and didn’t get up from bed. Akki gets worried for her and asks Ishani to ask Jiana what happened to her. He wonders what happened to her. Ranbir hears him and tells that it is not right to think of Jiana when you loves Ishani. He says you are also thinking about Jiana like I think of Kritika. Akki says it is not that. He asks about Malishka.

Pummy asks Ishani why she is stressed out. Ishani asks why are you so happy? Pummy says she is happy as Kritika brought new LCD for her. Ishani says she will bring many LCD TV’s for her and will shift her to luxurious house, make her millionaire and will send her to holidays and will fill her locker. Pummy asks don’t you love Akki? Ishani says who loves in this era and tells that she wants to marry Akki for his money. Pummy tells her that money is waste if there is no love in a marriage and asks her not to marry Akki until she loves him. Ishani says you also don’t love Papa. Pummy says it is not true. Ishani says you are saying this as you got golden hen Kritika who will marry Ranbir and will make you rich. Pummy slaps her and gets teary eyes. Jiana hears them. Ishani gets upset.

Pummy is at her house when two guys come and tells that Vikas Sharma sent LCD TV for kritika. Pummy gets happy and calls Arun and Jiana. She says punjaban brought it. Arun says Kritika brought. Pummy says she brought it for me. She says I told once that I like it, and she brought it. Ishani asks what is the big deal? Pummy says it is a big deal only and asks Arun to open it.

Batra tells Malishka that Ranbir has realized that he will lose and that’s why he called us out. He will offer property and says we will take revenge on him. He asks her to get him sign on the property papers and then refused to take back the case. He says we will take revenge on him and cheat him for slapping me. Malishka says she didn’t forget his insult.

Maliishka tells Kritika that she wants her to record Ranbir and her conversation. Kritika says you was happy and agreed for out of court settlement. Malishka says she was justice and says I am happy as Ranbir called me and I can record his confession. She asks Kritika to understand her being a girl and help her get back her respect and dignity. She asks her to take her phone and record it. Kritika says I have my phone, but Malishka asks her record from her phone.

Malishka tells Ranbir that she and her dad accused him of molestation for property and says she wants it. Kritika hears her. Ranbir looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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