Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Surekha crying for Mansi. Dadi says children don’t think anything and do what they want. Suwarna asks them to have water. She says don’t worry, Kartik has gone there. Surekha says what if Anmol and Mansi run away and marry. Kartik and Naira knock the door. They see Mansi and Anmol. Police catches some people. Kartik says maybe its a raid. Nandini says police supports girls in such cases, we will be badly trapped. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa ask her not to worry. Rukmani thinks I wish they marry or something happens that they have to marry. Kartik and Naira argue. Police comes to the room. Inspector says you both here… Kartik says I m Kartik, she is my wife Naira, she fought with me and came here, I had to leave my meeting and came here, I just praised the heroine.

Anmol and Mansi hide and try to leave. Naira says ask that heroine to make kachoris for you. They argue and see each other. Inspector asks them to go home and resolve your conflict. Constable asks shall we check the room. Inspector says no, I know them, they are married, they can go, this hotel is not for decent people. Constable says they are a nice pair. Kartik and Naira leave.

Suwarna says Kartik is bringing Mansi. Manish asks where did he get her. Nandini asks what, at a hotel? Kartik stops the car. Kartik and Naira scold Anmol and Mansi. Kartik asks whose idea was it to go to the hotel. Naira asks will you blackmail elders. Anmol says sorry, we didn’t know about the hotel. Mansi says sorry, we didn’t want to blackmail, if we had to elope and marry, we would have married in US, we wanted to marry with family’s permission, I think they won’t agree. Naira says give them some time, maybe they agree. Kartik says promise me, you won’t take such a step again. Mansi says I won’t, you promise us that you will get us married, I thought you will convince family, but you… Anmol says this problem is because you two aren’t together, you can achieve even the impossible. Yeh rishta….plays…..

Mansi and Kartik come home. Naira and Anmol come home. Mansi cries. Surekha hugs Mansi and cries. She says I will get you married to Anmol, don’t do this again. Akhilesh asks what are you saying. Surekha says Mansi will marry as per her wish. Kartik asks Mansi to go to her room. Mansi goes. Kartik says this isn’t right. Naira says we have to see many things. Nandini says this marriage can’t happen, Anmol can do anything he wants, my relation with him will end. Rukmani says I will end my relation with you if you create a hurdle, both of them want to get married, what’s the problem.

Naira says I don’t approve their approach, if they ran away and want to compel family… Rukmani says so what, you had also ran away from your house at a younger house, even Kartik ran away from his house and stayed in your Nani’s house. Naitik and Mohit ask what is she saying. Rukmani says just get them married, Naira isn’t related to Kartik, so Naira doesn’t want any other relation to form with them. Kartik says no, my relation has nothing to do with Mansi’s marriage, this way is the problem.

Manish, Suwarna and everyone agree with him. Dadi says maybe Rukmani asked Anmol to make Mansi elope. Suwarna says I agree. Surekha asks Suwarna not to say, as she also had a love marriage, even when Dadi refused, Manish and Suwarna had a love marriage, even Kartik married by his choice, Kirti did the same, even if it was her second marriage, can’t Mansi be allowed to marry her love. Manish asks is Mansi not related to us. Devyaani says Anmol is related to us also, we are also worried for him. Rukmani says I can see, you don’t care for Anmol, but your ego, give your consent to this wedding before things get worse. Surekha says else we may regret, I can’t think anything else than Mansi’s happiness, I won’t listen to anyone now, its fine if you want to support me, else I will get her married.

Anmol calms down Mansi. Mansi says nothing will get fine now. Naira comes to Anmol. He finishes the call. He says sorry. She says I m concerned for Mansi, she is imp, speak the truth, else I will oppose you the first. Anmol says I just followed Mansi, we didn’t run away, she was upset and ran away for my sake, I m also at fault. She says I will meet Kartik at lawyer’s place, I will talk to him. He asks her to help. Suwarna says Surekha isn’t thinking, this concerns Mansi’s life, we just want her to think well, find out about Anmol, he had been living abroad since many years, he wasn’t a good person as far as we know.

Kartik waits for Naira. Naira comes and says sorry, I… Kartik says we had to leave for an urgent call. Sharma asks do you want to continue the case or not. Singh says we doubt if you want to get divorce or not, sign the papers, so that we can file the case. Kartik looks at Naira and signs. Rishton ka….plays…. They leave. Naira asks did you talk to Mansi, she ran away in anger, Anmol followed her, I saw Mansi’s messages in Anmol’s phone. He says Mansi would have decided to go to that hotel. She says maybe they didn’t had enough money so went to that cheap hotel. She asks do you believe my words or not. He asks shall we go. The power box gets sparks. Lights flicker. She stumbles. He holds her. They get close and lock eyes. Music plays…. They pick their phones and leave. They see the ink on their fingers and recall…….

FB shows lawyers asking them to sign. Yeh rishta kya….. Kartik sees Naira and signs at wife’s signatures box. Naira looks at him and signs at husband’s sign space. Sharma says you have signed wrong. Singh says you should always read and sign papers. Sharma says its another sign, they don’t want divorce. Kartik says it happened by mistake. Naira says give us other papers. Sharma says its legal papers, it will take time. Singh says you can think well and decide what to do. Naira says why couldn’t we sign. Kartik says why is this happening, what does this mean. Naira says its Kartik’s phone, it means he has my phone. He gets messages. She reads. Someone writes, we found about Anmol, its clean chit from us, you can consider this alliance. She says Kartik was with me, I told him about Anmol, when did he find out, it means he didn’t listen to me…..

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Update Credit to: Amena


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