Zindagi Ki Mehak: Mehek Shourya’s Love Story Starts!

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show Shaurya and Mehek will go finally unite with each other as Shaurya will succeed to make Mehek admit her love for him. Shaurya reaches Mehek’s house in a drunken state and admits her undying love to her. Mehek and her family members are stunned by Shaurya’s drunken behavior as Shaurya says that he wants to marry Mehek and he cannot live without her. Shaurya falls to Sajita’s feet and begs her to give her daughter Mehek to her. Mehek is completely taken aback by Shaurya’s love confession and marriage proposal although she knows that Shaurya is doing all this only in his drunken state. Mehek’s heart melt for Shaurya and her mother realizes that Mehek too loves Shaurya.

 Viewers will now get to see that Mehek’s family will ensure that Mehek and Shaurya get united as they know that the two of them Love each other immensely but are staying away from one another because of their ego. Finally, Mehek too will realise her love for Shaurya and she will confess her feelings too. Shaurya and Mehek’s union will bring an end to their enemies Yuvraj and Svetlana.


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