Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Kunal gets a call in tears. It was Mauli to inform that Nandini is back home. Kunal hurriedly leaves for home and drives rashly to reach home.
Nandini tells Dida she gave him a second chance but his lies were never ending. Dida appreciates Nandini for leaving such a man, he won’t ever get any better. Nandini apologizes Mama for leaving the house in the midst of Pooja without informing. Mamma assures its completely alright as far as Nandini reached home safely. They leave to prepare for Pooja, while Mauli and Nandini hug each other. Mauli cries.
Kunal runs to the house. The lift was busy so he climbs stairs hurriedly.
Nandini apologizes Mauli for hurting her. Mauli says she can forgive her a hundred bloods as well, she has done a great work by getting herself freed from

that Rajdeep. Kunal enters the house and was relieved to see Nandini and Mauli share a hug. He moves forward with his arms open to hug them happily, then stops himself. Mauli turns around to hug Kunal and cries happily that Nandini is back. Kunal says Mauli is right, she has truly returned this time and will never go to Rajdeep again. Mauli hugs Nandini again.
In the room, Nandini place the Teej thaal from Rajdeep on a couch. She throws a burnt match stick in the dustbin igniting a fire.
Outside, Kunal and Mauli prayed in Havan.
There, Nandini throws the gifted dress and bangles into fire, pours the sindoor box and others in the dustbin vengefully.
Mauli and Kunal smile at each other. Kunal shuts his eyes and get flashes of Nandini. Disturbed, he opens his eyes at looks towards Mauli.
Nandini thinks it’s the end of her ethics, they turned her to a coward.
Mamma returns with a thaal of Pooja. After the Havan, she asks Kunal to fill Mauli’s hairline with the vermillion. This is presented to Gauri and a wife is lucky if her husband fills her hairline with this vermillion. It is especially helpful for the couples who wish for children. Mauli winks at Kunal. Kunal fills Mauli’s hairline with the vermillion.
Inside the room, Nandini rubs her hand over her forehead. The vermillion on her hand gets over her forehead. She was shocked to watch it in the mirror.
Mauli smiles at Kunal who forces a smile back.
Later at night, the three were outside for a dinner. Mauli insisted on Nandini to crack some jokes she knew during childhood. Nandini cracks a few jokes. A guy enters the restaurant. Mauli turns around then shows Nandini the guy, she says fate has brought them together. Kunal asks what it is about. Mauli says this guy is Manas, he was crazy after Nandini in school and even joined cooking classes for Nandini. Nandini explains to Kunal that it was due to some family business that he had to join those classes. Mauli excitedly tells Kunal that he always wandered behind Nandini in school and asks to go and meet Manas. If he is still single, its surely fate that brought them together. Nandini stops Mauli but Manas himself comes to meet them by himself. Mauli greets Manas cheerfully. He says he came on a date but the girl ditched. Mauli asks if she is really single, and pinches Nandini. She introduces Manas to Kunal. Kunal rigidly shakes Manas’s hand. Mauli offers him to join them for dinner. Kunal says he must have other commitments but Manas agrees at once. He takes a seat beside Nandini and asks her to suggest something in menu they must order. Nandini says she came here for the first time as well. Manas complements Nandini is still the same. Mauli speaks to Manas about what he does. Manas says he writes films. Mauli was excited and asks which films he wrote? Manas counts two which were super hit. Kunal poses as if he didn’t remember the names or the films. Mauli asks Manas why his films always have sad ending. Manas reasons that may be because his own love story couldn’t be completed. Mauli says she and Nandini must help Manas. Kunal asks how they would do this? Manas says he actually thinks about stop writing sad films as it gets depressive at one point in life, but the deficiencies in life sometimes reflect in his writing. He reads a poetic verse for Nandini. Kunal stares at Manas.

PRECAP: The three return home to find Pramilla crying. Dida says Pramilla’s sister attempted a suicide, her husband betrayed her and had relations with another woman. Pramilla says they did love marriage, is it easy to men to fell in love with any woman other than their own wife?

Update Credit to: Sona


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