Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27th July 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kritika searching ghee. Ranbir shows her ghee bottle. Kritika asks if this is ghee? He says yes. She brings the ghee bottle. Mahima asks her to sit. Kritika sits. Pandit ji starts the puja. Ranbir and Kritika look at each other. Ranbir thinks he understands her voice hearing her and says he understands her smell with her breathe, and says whenever moon comes, I feel like you have come, when a smile comes on my face, I feel like you have come. She thinks I have done so much for you and you couldn’t realize. You love two girls and haven’t changed. Pandit ji asks everyone to close their eyes and pray to Goddess. Ranbir thinks why did I feel that we have many births relations. Kritika says why I feel that I saw you before you and thinks what is their relation? Ranbir thinks I swear kasam

se, you look mine. Ranbir gets their past life flashes. Kritika also gets some flashes. They look at each other. Pandit ji asks them to close their eyes and asks for mannat. He says today is very auspicious mahurat and says whoever was separated will unite today, and tells that he can feel some inauspicious thing which is going to happen today. He asks them to close their eyes. Ranbir prays to God and asks him to give Kritika. Kritika asks Goddess to give her what she deserves.

Malishka tells that she can’t let them happy, if her life is in dark then she would let their life be in light. She brings firelight. Shilpa asks her to come and says Mama ji is waiting for us,. Malishka tells that she will burn the house and tells that everyone will die as their eyes are closed. She throws kerosene oil near them and thinks this havan will be your biggest defeat. She smiles and thinks everyone will die now and get burn for burning my head. Shilpa asks her to come and takes her out. Malishka smirks. Everyone open their eyes and sees fire. They try to run out. Pandit goes to the temple area and picks God’s photo frame. He gets caught in the fire. Kritika helps him and gets caught in the fire. Ranbir runs there and tries to save her. They feel current when they hold each other hands. She asks him to think and says she don’t want to die by burning. Ranbir says even I have no experience in burning , it feels pain. He tells her that he want to tell about the second girl whom he wants to see and feels current with her touch. He says I love you Kri…she pats on his shoulder. He says Kritika. She gets happy. They hi five with each other.

A pillar falls on Ranbir. Ranbir faints. Kritika shouts Rishi and she remembers everything about her past birth. She calls him Rishi repeatedly. She moves the pillar and asks Rishi to open his eyes and says I am your Tanu. She asks Mata rani to show her way. Ranbir opens her eyes. Kritika tells him about their love which is unique and tells that their love is from many births and even if they die then also their souls will not die. She calls him Rishi and says she is his Tanu. He says Tanu, and says you have returned. Kritika says I have returned for you. Ranbir says we will stay together in every births and nobody can separate us. He says even if we die then also we will unite.

They come out of fire to safety and admire each other. Akki says they look good together and tells that it is Ram Milaye Jodi. Balraj and Mahima get happy. Mahima gets Kritika and says I got bahu and beti. Akki says I got brother and bhabhi. Akki asks Jiana to come and feels current holding her hand. He asks what happened and tells that he felt current. Ranbir makes him realize that it is his true love. He tells Mahima that she got two bahus today. Kritika and Ranbir hug each other. Jiana hugs Mahima. The show ends on their happy union.

The Show ended on a happy note with Ranbir and Kritika fulfilling their kasam and uniting for forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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