Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 27th July 2018 Episode Written Update

In the restaurant, Mauli says Indians are really emotional. We only for a single color of life and that is emotions. Nandini was disturbed by Manas’s stare, she agrees to Mauli. Mauli tells Manas to be optimistic, he might today get someone to fasten the color of his emotions. Kunal objects it’s not possible to love someone in the first meeting. Mauli reminds their love at first sight. Kunal qualifies it’s not possible in an older age, they fall in love in college. Mauli asks what if one gets their childhood love in older age. Kunal still objects. Manas agrees to Mauli and says sometimes people don’t change. He confirms Nandini if he has changed? Nandini replies not at all. Mauli was excited as a 90’s song plays. Mauli mentions that Manas and Nandini were the best dancing couple

of their school. Manas recalls they even practiced a lot on this song. Manas stands to ask for Nandini’s hand. Nandini was hesitant but Mauli bucks her up to go. She finally holds Manas’s hand. Mauli enjoys as Manas begins the dance, Nandini remembers the steps and dances with him. Kunal watches Nandini and forces a smile towards Mauli who was excited. Mauli discuss with Kunal that they suit each other a lot. Kunal forbids her to be a match maker. Mauli was excited to bring some romance in Nandini’s life. Kunal says this guy isn’t suitable for Nandini at all, she is a household lady and the Manas is so filmy. Mauli says Kunal just speaks like her dad did in college times. Nandini has bear a lot in life and has turned stronger. She was about to snap a photo of Nandini and Manas when Kunal forces her to dance floor. They dance together for a while, Kunal only hears what Manas spoke to Nandini and looks disturbed. Mauli feels uncomfortable as her foot aches. Kunal grabs a glass of drink and dances around. Mauli gets busy with her phone. Kunal swirls around and deliberately throws the drink over Manas. He was apologetic to Kunal. Nandini hurries to grab a tissue paper and cleans his shirt. Kunal sends Manas to clean his shirt in the washroom, he takes Nandini’s attention to Mauli’s aching feet. Nandini comes to Mauli and suggests about going home, they can dip her foot in warm water. Kunal hurries them home. Mauli asks Kunal about Manas’s ruined shirt. They were about to leave the restaurant when Manas stops them. Before they leave, Manas gives his visiting card to Nandini. Kunal grabs the card and leaves it in the restaurant.
In the car, Mauli feels upset that Kunal lost the visiting card. Nandini was of the view that he is a celebrity and won’t even pick their call. Kunal assures to get them the number from internet. Mauli asks Nandini if some chemistry hit between them. Nandini smiles saying she never understood chemistry in the class ever. Mauli reminds Nandini the poetic verse Manas once wrote on the blackboard for her. Kunal says the poetry about stars and moon seems immature. He reads a few verses for Nandini. Mauli appreciates his taste of poetry. Kunal explains he used to hear a lot of Ghazals in college life, but later got busy with work and schedules. Mauli prays Kunal’s reason of such a romance stays. Kunal looks towards Nandini and thinks he can no more run from the situations, it seems it’s out of control. No one deliberately develops emotions, they just come in hand when you spend time with someone.
At home, Pramilla was crying while Dida and Mamma consoled her. Dida says Pramilla’s sister attempted suicide and is in hospital. Kunal asks which hospital she is in, they can help her. Pramilla says she is in another city, she only got a phone from home. Mauli asks why she did so. Dida says a woman only attempts a suicide when the husband betrays, her husband left her for some other woman. Pramilla says they did love marriage, their couple was just like Mauli and Kunal. Is it easy for men to love anyone, first their wife and then any other stranger woman? Kunal was silent. Pramilla says a woman leaves her whole world for a man, but men never values a woman’s sacrifice. Mauli consoles Pramilla and tells her to get ready and leave for Nagpur, she would book her tickets.

PRECAP: Dida says Marriage is about trust, and a single mistake ruins the life of someone. Mauli says its not right to lose your life for such a betrayer, infact you must step ahead and leave such a man yourself. Kunal gulps.

Update Credit to: Sona


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