Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 27th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Suvetlana sees the house and says never thought I would come back to this house.
Sajita says why is she helpin us? Mahek says she is a good woman. she wants to help other woman. She saw everything in the party. Sharma says this is a good opportunity. Sajita says I don’t she has good intentions. Mahek you can win on your own. You don’t need her favor. Shaurya comes and says this is a reward for her hard work. Its for her hard work and passion. I will support Mahek. She is better than any man. She deserves this chance. Sajita says okay. Suvetlana leaves. SAjita says thank you. You cleared it for me. Mahek says coach sir lets go for practice. She leaves.
Shaurya says Mahek please listen. Sharma says maek we are getting late. Mahek says get auto I am coming.
Shaurya says

please listen. She says dont’ waste your time on me. You will say you are happy for me and support me. It wont work with me. Now I will be the champ and you will be jealous. I don’t trust you at all. She leaves.

Scene 2
Mahek practices in the ring. Suvetlana comes and says I have a press conference in the evening. Please be on time. Mahek says we will e there. suvetlana says you will have to do a charity match with shaurya. It will be here in this boxing ring. Will you be able to do it? People want to see if you are capable enough or not. MAhek says I am ready.

Sajita says why is she asking you to fight shaurya? Mahek says I have no worries.
Yuvraj says to Shaurya this is about my respect. Shaurya ignores him. Yuvraj says be mad at me but don’t lose this sponsorship. Shaurya nods and leaves. Shaurya says in heart I will make mahek win in the last round. I want to be near her though.

Scene 2
Match starts. Mahek and Shaurya are in the ring. Photographer takes their photos. Shaurya says we are not opponents. Look into my eyes. Mahek punches his face. The match starts. Suvetlana says why is he so easily being beaten? Mahek beats him down. She says are you okay? He holds her hand and gets up. Saurya says you are worried like a wife. Mahek beats him down again. Mahek wins the round.
Yuvraj is angry. He says Shaurya is doing it on purpose.

The press conference starts. Shaurya says good luck Mahek. She sits n it. Suvetlana says welcome everyone. Thank you for supporting us. We are proud of mahek. She proved woman is not less than any man. We are open to questions. Journalist asks her how does it feel? She says I feel good. Would have felt better if it was a tough match. Suvetlana says our CEO is here.
Mahek says to Suvetlana thank you so much. She says you deserve it. Suveltna says our CEO has invited you to a party at his place. I will get you ready.
CEO says on call I like girls like Mahek. She should spend time with me. She should prove herself in bed room first. Shaurya over hears he is angry.
Precap-Suvetlana says to mahek I will get you ready for the party. Shaurya calls her but she doesn’t pick. Shaurya says to sharma please tell me where is Mahek. She is surrounded by bad people. Tell me where she is.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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