Ishq Subhan Allah 30th July 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Kabir is leaving, Zara stops him and asks why he is worried? Kabir says I cant tell you, let me leave. She says you can share your problems with me, we might solve it together. Kabir says I am a man and I solve my problems, I have to keep you happy, not bring problems to you. He starts to leave but Zara makes him sit down and says when you get silent, I feel like we are moving apart, dont be silent, share your thoughts with me.

Reema tells Imran that she got the job, he gets elated and hugs her.

Nilofar comes to Miraj and says I cant do your work anymore, I will return your diamonds. Miraj says I want more in return as much as I gave you. She says I cant give you more, take my jewelry but leave me alone. He takes jewelry from her and says I will keep this with me till

you give my diamonds and why are you denying me, did you fall in love with Imran? Nilofar says in our field, we have to be careful and Ruksar is not found anywhere too so my cheque is not getting cash too. Miraj says just give my diamonds and leaves. Nilofar nods and leaves. Miraj says you are the perfect person to kill to scare Zara, he smirks.

At night, Kabir and Zara are in room. Zara tries to talk to him but he says we are both tired, lets sleep. Zara starts singing hasi song. Kabir claps for her and says you sang really nicely. She asks him to sing, he says I am a priest, I cant sing. She says you can sing for yourself and me, its not forbidden. He is awkward and asks her to close the eyes as he is embarrassed. He starts singing khawaja mere khawaja, Zara joins him and says you sang really nicely, I was thinking if we go on rooftop and have tea there, its a nice weather. Kabir says no, you cant go on rooftop. He asks her to close the door, I am going. She asks where are you going? he says I was thinking to go on a ride on scooty and have team from roadside. Zara says you are my Kabir? thats a great idea but I cant believe, pinch me. He pinches her. She says I am not dreaming? we are really going for long drive? he laughs and says lets go. Zara recalls how Miraj’s truck followed them last time they were on scooty. She says we are not going out, we will go later, lets go on rooftop.

Scene 2
Nilofar comes to Zeenat in kitchen and says you keep working, you should take out to romance with Kashan. Zeenat says I have done my share, you should plan your romance with Imran. Nilofar says I am sure Imran is a romantic like Kabir. Zeenat asks what she wants from her? Nilofar whispers something in her ear. Zeenat says are you mad? I am not doing it. Nilofar says you might not do it for me but for Amaan? you will give my cheque to me? if I get my cheque then I will leave from here and you dont want me here too right? so give my 50lacs cheque and I will leave. Zeenat says what if you dont leave after getting the money? Nilofar says you dont have a choice but to listen to me. She glares at her and leaves.

Zara and Kabir comes to roof. Zara says its good here, you thought that we will like it outside but its nice here, I told you we can have fun here. Kabir says there is still time for me to make your day, earlier you said that if I share my problems with you then it will make my heart light, I want to share my problem with you that I took 1 crore from Miraj for your mahar and after sharia board meeting, Miraj came to me and asked me to give his money back in two days, I dont know what to do, how to bring such a big amount back but I will return it for sure, I might request Miraj to give me some more time. Zara says you are worried for such a small thing? Kabir says never, I will not take your mahar money so stop thinking about help me. Zara says I am not helping you for free, you are going to give me something in return thats worth more than 1 crore. Zara says thank you for trusting me and tell me your problem, so let me tell you what is more valuable than mahar. Kabir says I dont know if I have it. Zara says you have it, you have something that values more than mahar, you give it to me and I will give 1 crore rupees to you which you can give to Miraj. Kabir says tell me. Zara says come to room, he says why not here? she blushes and says I am cold so come to the room. She turns to leave but Kabir pulls her closer and caresses her face, he says it was a good excuse but tell me. Zara says smile looks good on you, it brings shine on the face. Kabir says wives have to bring that glow on husbands, Zara says first divorce wife can bring glow too? Kabir says they should try more otherwise they can have second divorce too. Zara pushes him away and says I wont talk to you. He says lets go to the room and discuss.
Kabir and Zara comes to their room, Zara runs away from him but he pulls her closer, they both laugh in each others arms, Ishq subhanallah plays. Kabir says to Zara that tell me what is it otherwise I will get heart-attack. Zara laughs. Kabir says whats the thing that has more value than 1 crore and I have it with me? Zara brings her mahar money. Kabir says I cant take it back. Zara says its not free, for this mahar, I will keep this file as debt, this is your property file where education centre is created.

PRECAP- Miraj says to Zara that not with love so we might do it with force, atleast you touched me this way. He grabs her hands and pulls her closer. Zara asks him to leave her. Miraj says now we will become one. He tries to molest her but Kabir comes there and pushes him away, he grabs his collar. Zara looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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