Ishq Subhan Allah 31st July2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Kabir says to Zara that how you got property file? Zara says Imran told me that you are not focusing on documents of the project, Miraj took this file and was about to make the property in his name but Imran found it and gave it to me, you are still owner of this property so I can give you mahar money if you name this property in my name, Kabir says why would Miraj want to take this property? Zara says I dont know his intentions but you can talk to him. Kabir takes mahar money from her and says I will give this to Miraj. Zara says you can give this file to me now. Kabir says Zara Ahmed, I am giving you your mahar and getting free from this responsibility. Zara takes the file and says you can take it from me whenever you want. Kabir looks on and suddenly hugs her tightly, he thanks

her. Kabir says I have to talk to Miraj importantly, Zara says talk to him in morning, she smiles at him.

Reema says to Imran that I messaged Zara a lot but she didnt reply so I think Kabir was keeping him busy. Imran says who keeps you busy? Reema says I think about you.. I mean think about you and Nilofar, you will marry her and have kids with her, she would come after work and you would massage her feet. She asks what you think about? Imran says I think that you are so fat and frightening that you wont even get married. She says I will beat you. Imran says if Kabir divorces Zara then you will leave me too? Reema says maybe, Zara says is my friend and if Kabir hurts her then I will leave you too. Imran says no no, it wont happen, pray for them.

Shahbaz comes to Irfan’s house. Irfan says you here today? Shahbaz says I heard that you want Kabir to lead the eid prayers? my son will lead such big prayers, you should congratulate me. Irfan says I am still thinking about it, I am ill so I am thinking about retirement. Shahbaz says dont worry, you can retire calmly, Kabir will take this duty and will fulfill it very sincerely. Irfan says when Kabir and Zara got married, I used to trust Kabir this much but when Kabir divorced Zara, he broke my trust and now I am skeptical. Shahbaz says I know you are miffed about divorce matter but I will talk to Kabir and wont let this divorce happen. Irfan says wish you would have talked to Kabir before first divorce, now let this matter be with Kabir only, I am still thinking about Kabir’s resignation from sharia board and Zara is no less in terms of smartness so I am thinking after Kabir, I might make Zara as vice head. Shahbaz is stunned.

Ayesha has fever, Zeenat brings soup for her and says you have to take it. She asks when will Shahbaz come? Ayesha says soon. Zeenat makes her have more soup and smirks. Ayesha says I feel dizzy, Zeenat asks her to take rest. She makes her lie in bed and smirks. Ayesha falls asleep, Zeenat takes keys from under her pillow. She opens her cupboard and opens her safe, she finds Nilofar’s cheque there and recalls how Nilofar threatened her son’s life, she says God forgive me. She takes the cheque, puts key back under the pillow and leaves.

Scene 2
Zara offers prayers. Kabir comes there and is tensed. Zara asks what happened? Kabir says I gave Miraj’s money back to him. Zara says thats good, then what happened? Kabir says he said many weird things, I told him to stop it, you were right, from the time we have made him wait for 30 days to enter sharia board, his behavior have changed. Zara thinks that I knew Miraj is a bad person, its good Kabir is understanding it too. She makes him sit down and gives him water. Kabir says he was not like that. He tries to calm down. Zara says I wanted to talk about Miraj too.. Kabir gets call and says I am coming, he says to Zara that I have important work. Zara asks if Imran is going with him? Kabir says I will pick him up. He leaves. Zara runs behind him but he sits in car and leaves. Miraj comes behind her and says you gave 1 crore to Kabir? you are a fool, you are not rich, got money for first time but returned it? He comes closer to her. She asks him to be in limits and stay away. Miraj says I have no limits darling, what do you want? how much money you want? you are priceless darling Mirak, Zara tries to slap him but he grabs her hand. She says what cheapness is this? leave me. He pulls her closer and says atleast you touched me, our bodies have joined so our hearts will join too. He leans into her and is about to molest her but Kabir comes there and pulls him back. He grabs him. Zara is stunned. Kabir says you jerk, you shouldnt be in any house, you thought she is alone? I am with her, she is my honor. Kabir kicks him. They attack each other. Miraj punches him, Kabir fights back. Zara is tensed. Kabir and Miraj beat each other. Miraj hits Kabir. Kabir falls down. Miraj takes a vase and throws at him. Zara is shocked and screams Kabir. Kabir moves away and gets saved. he punches him back. Kabir and Miraj try to take upper hand on each other. Zara tries to stop them but Miraj pushes her away. Kabir shouts Zara. Miraj throws him away and goes to Zara. Miraj tries to pull Zara to him but Kabir kicks him and pulls Zara to him. Miraj loses balance and falls from porch balcony. He falls on top of Kabir’s car from first floor. Kabir rushes to balcony and sees Miraj injured. Miraj looks at them, laughs and starts to run. Kabir asks security to grab him, I am coming. Zara says to Kabir that dont go anywhere, he is dangerous. Kabir says he has to pay for his deed, he has hurt me a lot so I will punish him but not here. Hes sits in car and makes Miraj sit on driver seat and tie him. He asks him to drive, Miraj laughs evilly and drives away. Zara screams Kabir!

Miraj is driving rashly. Kabir says you are eager to take the revenge. Miraj says I love speed and your wife, you want to die together? Kabir asks him to take left. They arrive at education center. Kabir says the story which started here will end here. Miraj says I am dangerous, think about it. Kabir asks him to get down. Miraj pulls car in drive and says Kabir your death is callin you. She drives in speed and hits an iron wall.

PRECAP- Kabir’s car has hit an iron wall, Kabir and Miraj are both injured. Suddenly car blasts.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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