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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd August 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with the ladies hearing Kartik and Naira’s argument and smiling. Mansi and Anmol exchange rings. Everyone claps. Kartik and Naira get message, that they got tomorrow’s date for meeting the counsellor. Everyone sings badhai ho badhai and dance. The lady says the truth came out. Dadi asks what do you mean. The lady says we understand your problem, we know everything, Kartik and Naira are getting separated. Dadi asks who told you, it isn’t true. The lady says you criticized our bahus and daughters, now you are silent, so you are frequently staying in haveli, your grandson’s house is breaking. Naira looks on.

Kartik sings and dances with everyone. Naira comes to them and says what if we are getting divorced, we are adults and this is our decision. Dadi worries.

Naira asks them not to bother Dadi and not hold her responsible, just enjoy Mansi’s engagement. The ladies go. Naira says sorry, you had to face this because of us…. Dadi asks us? How is Kartik responsible for this, its just because of you. Kartik takes Suwarna for dance. She thinks Ashi should have come till now. Dadi says I knew this will happen so I pleaded you to do this drama, I was handling it my way, why didn’t you be quiet. Naira says I did this for you, a lie can’t remain hidden. Dadi says every guest will ask me the same thing, how can you be so adamant Naira, you could have just kept quiet. Naira says i did what I thought was right. Dadi says I fold hands, stop behaving as you wan, let me live in peace. Kartik sees them. Dadi says I have no objection listening to elders, I won’t lie. Dadi says stop it. Kartik asks what’s happening.

Dadi says I wanted you two to hide about the divorce, but Naira told everything to those ladies. He says you go, I will talk to her. Dadi goes. He taunts Naira. Naira says think whatever you want, I can’t change your thoughts and opinion, nothing has changed in these two years, you blamed me that day too, I tried to defend myself, now I don’t want to do it, I don’t care now, thank God we are getting separated, we will meet at the lawyer’s place tomorrow. He says yes, thank God, we will meet for the last time. He goes and dances with everyone. She leaves. Ashi comes. She hugs Kartik. Everyone gets shocked. Kartik says Ashi you here… She says yes, its me, surprise. He asks how did you come suddenly. She says nothing happens suddenly, some super powers wanted us to meet.

Suwarna says right, you have come on right time. She hugs Ashi. Ashi says I missed you so much, my parents named me Khushi first, I suggested them to change my name to Ashi, as hope is better than happiness. Kartik asks how did you come. She says Lord will come when devotees are in trouble. He asks who is in trouble. She says my ex husband, did you forget you used to cry and become my husband. He says liar, you used to cry and become my wife, I didn’t make you my wife. She says yes, you made Naira your wife. She asks Suwarna isn’t he in trouble if he has hidden his wife since long. She says Kartik, even Naira is in trouble, she kept you away from me, now I will keep you away from her, tit for tat. Suwarna says you forgot to meet Dadi. Ashi hugs Dadi and says I missed you so much. She greets everyone. Naira is on the way. Kirti introduces Naksh. Naksh says this is my family.

Ashi hugs Naksh. She asks Kartik where is Naira, by the way I have seen her leaving in taxi, she must have gone out for some work, I m starving, get me some yummy food. He takes her. Dadi says she is Kartik’s childhood friend, she went to US for studies, their friendship is still the same. The lady says wife went and girlfriend has come. Suwarna sees Kartik and Ashi. Naira recalls Kartik’s words and eats brownies. Naksh comes and says brownies taste better with icecream, have it, don’t be shy, is this icecream enough. He feeds her and says I have eaten this a lot in last two years. She says I was hungry so I ate it. He asks what did you say, have it as much as you want, I will get it, eat it till you feel relaxed, I don’t need it anymore as you and dad came back, thanks for making me gain 4 kgs. He hugs her. She smiles.

Kartik laughs and says my stomach is aching, I can’t laugh more, how many followers do you have. She says two million fans, but they can’t give happiness which a life partner can give, where is your partner, did anything happen. He says we are getting divorced. She asks are you sure about your decision. He nods. She says you should never drag any relation and move on, its never too late, you realized it, do you have any girlfriend other than me, now I know it, everything is fine now. They laugh. Suwarna smiles seeing them. She turns and sees Kirti. Kirti asks did you call Ashi.
Driver says Kartik isn’t at office, he is at clinic. Dadi comes to clinic and sees their names in register. She thinks am I going to become a great grandmum… She happily cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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