Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 3rd August 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Angraj takes Naren and Mahek’s photos together.
Pooja is worried for naren. Pooja says I want to go out. Naren’s mom says we are doing all this for babu ji but you don’t care for anyone.

Yuvrak says to Dadi this son has ruined my name. Dadi says forget everything and don’t let your son slip from your hands. Call him. Yuvraj says I will see this mahek.

Angraj gets Naren ready as a groom. He says get ready. You will get married. He says wanna see your bride? He shows her mahek’s picture and says this is Mahek. Get ready it will be fun. Naren says why are you doing this.

Angraj says Mahek is so lucky to have a life partner like you. He says is there someone behind the pillar. Kiran is roped behind the wall.
Pooja gets ready. Dada says to Naren’s father wont you give gift to your daughter in law? Pooja says wont you give me blessings? He caresses her face.
Kiran calls pooja. Pooja goes out. Naren’s mom says she went out to pick the call and ruined her mehndi. Pooja says I wont let naren’s name remove from my hand ever.

Shaurya is on his way. He looks for Mahek everywhere.
Rashmi gives gift to arish and says pick any you want. Yuvraj says there will be no engagemet. Arish says what are you saying. Yuvraj says ask your mom. Se gave shaurya’s contract to that Mahek. get out of my house. Rasmi says what are you doing.. He shoves him out.

Angraj makes Naren and Krian sit in the car.
Rashmi says what did you do. Yuvraj shoves her and locks sweeti in a room.
Sajita is worried for Mahek. She says her phone is off as well. She prays for Mahek.

Angraj tells Pooja that Naren has become Ghajini and doesn’t remember anything now. He asks ask her to congratulate Naren for his marriage with Mahek. He says I know you want to stop the marriage and says he will give her a chance. He asks her to make Naren believe their love until the crackers reach the last point, else get ready to marry him. Pooja tries to make Naren remember that she is his wife. Naren asks herto move back and says he is getting married to Mahek. Pooja asks him to remember. Naren couldn’t remember. Pooja says Angraj is better than you, atleast he will not forget me. She puts water in the fire. Crackers burst. Pooja agrees to marry Angraj. Angraj gets happy. He asks Surbhi to make Mahek stand with Naren.

Angraj asks her to get dressed nicely.

Svetlana looks at Mahek and thinks she will be wiped out from her kundali in sometime. Pooja gets ready for marriage. Angraj sees Mahek in the mandap and asks where is Pooja. Mahek says she is Pooja and asks did you take drugs. She reminds him of his doings. Angraj says he will check Naren’s bride and if she is Pooja then. Naren says nobody can see my would be wife’s face. Mahek acts as Pooja and says your one step will be my insult. Angraj comes to his mandap. Surbhi comes to Rahul and asks him to drive the car fast.

Shaurya asks Rahul where is Mahek and beats him. Rahul faints. Shaurya takes Surbhi with him. Svetlana tries to make Rahul gains consciousness. Pandit ji asks the couple to take rounds. Angraj stops the rituals and asks Kiran to give him injection to come out of drowsiness. Kiran says she has injection. She is about to give him injection when Angraj holds her hand. He tells that he knows their plan and asks when did they change the injection.

Pooja tells that she has changed it when the box was in her room. Mahek holds angraj and asks Naren and Pooja to go. Dr. Kiran gives him injection. She says injection affect will be for 6-7 mins. Angraj faints. Mahek faints. Shaurya comes there and beats Naren thinking him to be Angraj. Naren says he is Naren. Mahek says he is Naren. Angraj gets up and aims gun at naren and pooja.

Shaurya tries to warn Mahek against Svetlana, but she refuses to listen to him. Angraj shoots at Naren and he falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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